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yes that is normal.they're damn comfy but wedge/crepe sole wears out fast.
Jay, BOM008 only skinny and tapered? based from my 0400SP, from blueowl too, I can't wear tapered anymore.. :(    thigh vs waist. without upsizing, the thigh is tight now but the waist has expanded a lot. missed so much of blueowl's collab with momo.
 Wow those laces sure are fire.and that really makes them look like commando sole. For me i feel that cork sole was on grip even on wet surfaces,except grass though. and just my theory, I feel the cork sole is making them so stiff. I've just used an extra insole in them,starting to feel much comfy. Gotta try that flat waxed laces.here's how mine's doing.over a year now,but not everyday wear.
Fit pics please.I want to see how those work with the flat waxed laces.mine is still with the rope laces,which is too short.
you all know a certain store in boston is having a 40% off all item for over $250 rite?     by the way, I really start to hate my Iron Ranger due to its being so uncomfortable. Any suggestions to counter the cork sole? my Moc toes with christy sole are all comfy as marshmallow.
i missed on the black cherry beckmans..damn it.
get the iron rangers from ********* guys.there's a discount there for like 30-40% off.
 stake out ebay.they have some good decent sellers there of the wabasha with many ranging conditions of the wabash. saw a few of wabash lately on ebay.
 i find the iron ranger narrow,so half a size down would be much better IMO.
yeah me too,if its too long its gonna look like a clown feet.lol. i'm also suffering a runners heel for my right foot,gonna need to find an insole or just a heel absorber something like that.
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