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I like this store, met the guy in the vid, then another gent who actually laughed when I walked into the store. He knew they had nothing that would fit me, but I had money to spend. I wound up walking out with a candle, and some shoe cream.
 I guess you cats in here are having sex with your Alden shoes on, pulling a Spike Lee in "She's Gotta Have It".
I cannot tell you how much I disagree with this last comment, as it seems that you have that in the incorrect order. FEELING good is what makes you look good. It starts from within, not with the clothing.   Knowing this is what will allow you to date girls and then also accompany women, effortlessly.  
The putting aside of shoes is one thing in that store, but there is one *ahem* gentleman, receding hairline, slender build, as I do not remember his name, who seems to have issues with having that pleasant disposition, one that all fine salesmen of high end goods should have. I stopped going in there some years ago due to my discomfort with his behaviour, and I had spent some serious coin in there.   Thank goodness for the ability to make online purchases, no sour, dour...
When one can afford to buy that many, the term proper care becomes incredibly subjective.
Hello,   After an alteration to my off the rack blazer, my vents now seem too close together. Can a tailor make this sort of alteration, taking in the waist of a jacket, without altering the look of the vents, making the flap appear to be to narrow?   Thanks 
Do any of you know where I can get high quality patches for jeans? Anyone here from NYC? Is there any place I can go to buy such an item?    Thanks!
Why is this thread in the streetwear and denim section? I'd think that this thread would be better suited for the other section, classic menswear.
Besides using an Alden shoe chart to measure up for a pair of Allen Edmonds, those damned things look as if a baby elephant took a stroll in them.
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