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 Yes I know, that was the intention :)I cleaned them with soap and water the day before and let them dry for a day so they were quite dry.
I just wish they would add a cafe there so you could go there for a coffee and sit and hara..watch other try out shoes ;)
Just something I did this weekend...
Vitello Blue in the sunlight. Got inspired by the shot on Gabriel's StC so I took a stroll outside and took some photos.
@mw313 its vitello blue @striker yes its 946 in normal width
Looks like I will be the first to start the Bonafe onslaught :) Here is my MTO from this jan. As always a big thanks to the guys and I hope you enjoyed the cinnamon and cardemom buns as a small token of my appreciation ;)  
Oooo, I can see myself in one of the photos. Look Ma, Im famous :)Thanks for the event, always nice to meet likeminded, well-dressed nice people Now I cant wait for friday of the trunk show so I can meet with Philip and order my first pair of StC :)
thanks, but Im still learning myself :)If one is interested its just to go ahead and do it. Thats is what I did :)All the stuff you will need is up on the guide at skolyx.se and can be bought from there as well.
yes. thanks :)   they all start out as crust      
Just thought I'd share 3 shoes I painted recently    
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