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fantastic :)gratz, fantastic makeup. Cant wait to see them in action 
really cool color :)which are the components? and good job on the patina as always :)
its very simple: patience, patience and patience :) or you can use google translate on this http://www.shoegazing.se/forumen/topic/skovardstraden/page/13/#post-6120
Thats awesome :)
danke Couldnt be happier :)
My first pair of StC from skoaktiebolaget.   mod 315 cru603, natural sole edge      
Nope, here are my painted yanko with what I think is an acceptable shine
I just cleaned these with leather soap and water. Usually it requires a bit of Saphir Decapant, but not this time fortunately.Then its just saphir dyes, my own blends of colors...6 of them. Progress shots are here http://shoonerd.tumblr.com/post/126935838322/repatination-of-crockett-jones-rosemoor A bit of cream and wax and Bob's your uncle :)
Lovely job with lovely colors :) Well done.
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