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John Lobb Chapel 8000 Sozzi Oscar Jacobson  
My contribution to the instagram #shoegazingfriday last friday   muahahaha :)
deleted: wrong thread
Im gonna get hell for this but what the heck :) A deerbone will fix that, my cordovan have the same issue.Here's a pic after brushing. I have had a hard brush and done it for a few minutes. here's a pic after about 1-2 minutes of a rubbing the deer bone and 1 minute of brushing
RogerP, not only excellent shoes, socks and pants, as always, but also great photos. amazing 
thank you good sir :) Im starting to get the hang of it now, still not up there with swede666 or crat imo, but one day maybe 
we had a pretty fun run yesterday on instagram using the #shoegazingfriday tag.   check it out for some wacky shoe/socks combos :)
thanks for the tip :)put them up in their thread as well.luckily i had before shots for both thanks all :)
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