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 Yo :)
Aye, think its a virus  its spreading all over Sweden
Hellooooo there Mr :)Beautiful
Grats to Macjedi :)
Its legen...wait for it....wait for it....The Barney Stinson quote is because I was challenged to wear green laces :) Its the first time I wear them and is not something I'd do.And when I laced the shoes I was thinking...why be boring and only do the laces.So..voila :) ...dary
In the words of Barney Stinson... Challenge accepted    
thanks :) dig the socks 
Green sozzi with newly polished Corthay Arca and light grey Oscar Jacobson pants.
It would be a sad day if a pair of high quality shoes couldnt withstand some water. Salt on the other hand...
Cleaning them     Here they are dried out a few days later     Reno and brushed   Time to puts some cream on. First layer is a light 3 color   Then to get a slight museum look I use a small cotton ball to dab on various colours of dark/light/cognac burgundy and black     Last Im using yellow wax only on toe and heal   Several layers later...   close up of the heel
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