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Vitello Blue in the sunlight. Got inspired by the shot on Gabriel's StC so I took a stroll outside and took some photos.
@mw313 its vitello blue @striker yes its 946 in normal width
Looks like I will be the first to start the Bonafe onslaught :) Here is my MTO from this jan. As always a big thanks to the guys and I hope you enjoyed the cinnamon and cardemom buns as a small token of my appreciation ;)  
Oooo, I can see myself in one of the photos. Look Ma, Im famous :)Thanks for the event, always nice to meet likeminded, well-dressed nice people Now I cant wait for friday of the trunk show so I can meet with Philip and order my first pair of StC :)
thanks, but Im still learning myself :)If one is interested its just to go ahead and do it. Thats is what I did :)All the stuff you will need is up on the guide at skolyx.se and can be bought from there as well.
yes. thanks :)   they all start out as crust      
Just thought I'd share 3 shoes I painted recently    
yes, yes and yes, I didnt think of that, those are all excellent points :)....and also, since the moon was in alignment with jupiter on that day and we all know from the old germanic mythology that adidas was the same god as the roman jupiter,which stands for honesty and truth...I rest my case.Q.E.D.
yesterday there was a pair of Adidas on Patrik's IG....Im guessing its Adidas
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