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with grey suede
I think these will look pretty bad ass :) Grats.I also did an EB MTO using the blue vitello. Figured it was time to get me a pair of blue shoes.
If you mean my shoes, its all Saphir stuff
Havent showed my old Chepstow any love in a long time. So this friday I cleaned them and let them dry for 2 days and gave them some Saphir Renovateur, Cream and Wax treatment.   Cleaned   After Renovateur   After Cream   And after some layers of wax
Lovely, great job :) Thats a nice color. Did you make it yourself? Are you using the foam pad applicator or a brush?
I dont know actually, they are not mine. I did them for someone else
Something else I just finished.     And the 'before' shot
thanks alot gents, very kind of you :)
Repainted my Carmina Chukkas from Skoaktiebolaget..
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