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I dont know actually, they are not mine. I did them for someone else
Something else I just finished.     And the 'before' shot
thanks alot gents, very kind of you :)
Repainted my Carmina Chukkas from Skoaktiebolaget..
thanks, and you too btw :)
thanks for sharing this :)I just might copy this. Here's my Yanko shoes that I bought from skolyx and painted myself.  More images to imgurhttp://imgur.com/a/kjUwt
Thats really nice. Awesome shoes and polish
Thanks.Yes, I stripped the toe and dyed it pink and 4 shades of purple.Although when the cream is applied it becomes much darker so it looks more or less just dark purple .
Decided to spice up my black Alex wholecuts. I havent used these for over a year, since black is too boring for me. I've just applied some neutral cream to seal the color and now they need to sit for a day, so there's no wax on these....yet    
The result of some shoeshining earlier this week.   Crockett and Jones Alex
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