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So I cleaned 3 of my shoes yesterday so they could dry for a day and thinking I would spend sunday doing some shoeshining...   Washed them in the sink with a nail brush and leather soap.   Here's how they looked this morning all dried up.   After applying some saphir renovateur and letting them rest for 30 mins, then brushing them and applying some cream and letting them rest for 10 mins and brushing them again they looked like this.   The colors I used was...
4 pairs of yanko I painted recently for @Skolyx Hope you like them.              
Hard to say without seing them being worn.
Thanks. Compare the angle of the heel on these and you'll see it.
@Fiddler  @RogerP @Cleav   Thanks, I love them :)
Mod 506 classic last cru viola, tapered heel, black piping, polished with black and blue wax. MTO from @Skoaktiebolaget      
I'm pretty sure viola doesnt have a number, but I dont know if its the only color without a number code.I am picking them up tomorrow and I will know the answer to the second question then. @RogerP Thanks, I have to agree :) Very pleased with going for the tapered heel on this pair.
Grats :)I was also one of the lucky guys. Here are mine. Model 506 in cru viola.
fantastic :)gratz, fantastic makeup. Cant wait to see them in action 
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