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Hi Folks, Here are wanting lists. - Ravello NST Boots Size 8.5D or 8D Aberdeen last - Ravello Captoe Boots Size 8.5D Grant last - Whiskey LHS Size 8D Van last - Whiskey LWB Size 8D Barrie last - Whiskey PTB Size 8D Barrie last - Cigar Wingtip Boots Size 8D Barrie last - Cigar Indy Size 8D Trubalance last - Cigar LHS Size 8D Van last - Cigar LWB (antigue edge) Size 8D Barrie last - Brixton Boots Color 8 Size 8D Barrie last Please PM me pics and price including shipping to...
Just got Ravello Captoe Boots from SF member, great one! Thanks @Shawnc
Very happy with Whiskey Shortwing Balmoral..thanks @JezeC
Nice looking shoes & trouers
Nice, look like Cigar..can't wait to get mine 😁
PM sent..
Oh ya..good eyes 👍
Yes, they sent me an email about delay few days ago. However they got the leather and the rest should be ready in few weeks. Since you didn't receive the delay notification, I believe you should get the shipping notification insteaded soon..
I think only mine was lucky pair who got delay due to slightly shortage of leather...hope it won't be 2 tones 😁. Congrats!
They are on the way to me, hopefully no fitting issue 😄
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