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This beauty just arrived to my home, have to say it's really worth for almost a year of waiting. Congrats to folks who receive the recent batch of Cigar CT boots from DC. Best!
Yup..especially under the sunlight.
Congrats! I got mine the same batch too 😄
These boots have a very nice shade..congrats @NAMOR
Start loving the classic look of LWB..
Yes NAMOR, this one has sleeker look compares to my previous LWB. Both of them are Barrie D width though.
DC Cigar LWB just arrived..dark edge but nice
Thanks limonade for your advise.
Folks, sizing question on boondocker at Mr.Porter. http://www.mrporter.com/en-vi/mens/viberg/boondocker-suede-lace-up-boots-/523146 The option is in US size, should we order TTS in order to match with berrie size (down one size) and UK sizing? For example if I'm 9 on sneaker(TTS), 8D on barrie, should I order 9US (8UK)?
Folks, I'm 8D on Barrie last, prefect fit. Should I go for 7.5 or 8 on 1035 last? Sorry for another sizing question again
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