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Tanker#8 on Sunny day
Great choice Steel28! I'm sure you will love it. It's been my favorite Alden so far
Nice one
Nice cigar indeed! Which shop are they from?
I also got Whiskey PTB from SF recently . Here are pics under different light.
Ready for tomorrow.
Nice one sir! Are they from TSM on Grant last?
Folks, sorry for another boring question I'm on size 7.5, 310 last (VB service boots) and 8 on Alden Barrie last. Both are fit perfectly. What size should I go for 2030 last? Thanks for all advise!
Love to see them in the direct sunlight after done a bit of shine works. I was thinking it would be so nice if there was Cigar LWB lay next to them Anyone want to part their Cigar LWB (8D), please feel free to PM me
I know Cigar LWB from TSM and AoC have the lighter color edge trim (#97894) which might be the same with NYC's last batch but I cannot see much pictures of Cigar LWB (#97896) from SF after googling for a while. So I hope some folks here would have them and might be able to share their pics.
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