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Yeah, there is some structure on mahogany toe box but I bend them too much I think.
2030 family..just addict to sleek look
Yes natty are sample of recent run and luckily they are my size 😬 I think Mahogany pairs are now a bit darker compare to when they arrived..from this photo look lighter maybe just brushing and add some wax.
Happy unboxing today with these Natty, they are a bit too clean to wear. Need to add some creases like those behind 😄
Congrats Mike! I got in this natty shell slot too.Can't wait to see them arrive in next 3-4 months! 😄
They both are matched so well! Who made that pants? It's really outstanding, sir!
Break-In procedure was done. These boys are ready to rock 😊
They are the same order with the recent run. But some pairs were getting delay due to shortage of leather.
Just got my mahogany shell, a bit delay but better than never 😄. VB troops were amazing supports especially Drew, great guy! Still 2 days of breaking in and start to see creases and patina which I hope it will turn nicely with age.
Love to see this unicorn! Hopefully they will make another run 😄
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