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For anyone in the Pittsburgh area who ever worked with him, he passed away yesterday: http://obituaries.expressionstributes.com/?mobile=a45e354550 I saw him one last time late last year at the Men of the Cloth screening here...he was a true old-school bespoke tailor, and I'll miss him tremendously. His sons are carrying on his business, fortunately. Anyone else going to the viewings this weekend?
Thanks Penfold, just what I was looking for. Looks like a good, basic suiting.
Thanks. Any reason why?
Does anyone have recent experience with these Holland and Sherry books? How did the fabric perform? I'm looking for a good workhorse 12-13 oz fabric, modestly priced, for a charcoal suit. This is for a fall-winter business suit in Pittsburgh. HS1165 Classic Worsteds (currently my first choice). HS1462 City of London HS1495 Dakota HS1060 Intercity (someone here suggested that this snags too easily?) Snowy River and Target are too light weight. Should I consider...
http://www.basenotes.net/ID26120516.html Eau de Rochas Homme is a good one for what you describe.
There are other alteration tailors closer to Pittsburgh proper--Butler is 1 hour north on 279/79, but is an easy drive. I use them because Frank has made 1 suit, 1 blazer, trousers, and about 40 shirts for me, all successfully, and has let out many of the jackets once my overarm measurement grew from weightlifting. Prices are reasonable; they're open on Saturday as well from 9:30 to 3:30 PM. Call them if you want to set up an appointment:...
Pittsburgh Area: Frank Cicco and sons 133 W. North Street Butler, PA Custom and MTM suits, custom overcoats, MTM shirts, men's and women's alterations.
Quote: Originally Posted by QBNCGAR I wish IBM made a 104-key version of their old original AT 101-key battle axe so it could be used effectively w/ modern versions of Windows. I could easily hit 100wpm on it. Everything else I struggle to get out of the 90's, and I wear them out after about 6 months.... You can get this, but at a steep price: http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/customizer.html Unicomp bought IBM's factory, and thus makes...
Does anyone who lives in or near Pittsburgh have a dry cleaner that they would recommend for suits? I have a few fully canvassed suits that I'd rather not entrust to just anyone-- any suggestions?
ace195: If you're not dead set on north of the city, you may want to look at the South Hills areas as well (family-oriented, not much nightlife at all). What are you looking for?
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