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Nibiru, you should wear those lower, return, or size up 1. Those jeans are too tight and your junk can be seen. WG is a really low rise so don't try to sit them on your waist. 
Kinda excited to see what cool fabrics N&F will have in store for us in the future. I don't know if this is even possible but it would be neat to see a horizontal indigo Warp thread and a vertical white Weft thread. I also would love to see a rapid-fade denim that speeds the whole fading process up 5x. Last NF dream denim for me would be a black on indigo overdye but the black has a leathery look to it. I think Nudie did something like that a few years ago but I never...
I meant to write 73 and 68 but typed it out too fast. Thanks for catching that.
  dude how are your reverse fades coming along? excited to see the final result :3   um, I got tts because a member of this forum was selling them for $150 new with all tags attached and it was too good a deal to pass up. at the time I weighed about 63 kg (a bit tubs) and they didn't even get up past my thighs then decided cut back to 58 and they fit pretty good now. i could lose a few more pounds but i eat too much. whatever. new years resolution?   the texture is god...
I was kind of stupid and ordered my NFxONI tts so I didn't bother pre-soaking them and now they're really dirty after about 4-5 months and I'm scared of washing them because I won't fit into them anymore if they shrink and I've become pretty sentimentally attached to the pants. Crotch is still in really good condition though. The backside belt loop is almost worn-down which looks cool. 
Will Epaulet ever be re-making the multicolored Gingham tie? 
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