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actually it did the opposite for me.  i don't want either one now...
not in my experience. i've once kept a few items in my cart for up to a few months without any further discount.  i remember one item sold out within two weeks and the other the next month.  one of the items was listed again in a different "event".
but he's einstine!! 
agreed.  let's move on. does anyone know if End or Eastdane are going to have further reductions?
i respect your opinion.  but to continue your train of logic, ignoring taxes/custom fee is more like being caught speeding and being issued a ticket and hoping our broken legal/court system won't chase you down (many are successful). your analogy is the same as ordering from end and hoping end didn't file for custom.
i agree. i think if you are going to buy an luxurious item that may have an associated tax, you shouldn't count on avoiding the tax by ignoring it.  i really don't mean to sound like a self-righteous person. I hate being taxed as much as i hate death.  but seriously, if you want a $500 jacket and are willing to break the law to avoid paying the appropriate custom, you have a bigger problem in your life and you probably need help. this said, thanks to the forum for letting...
lovely boots.  size?
+1.  i thought i was the only person that thinks some of the SA's are quite pretentious and even at time a bit of pricky...
you might want to give them a call.  i was there last week and there weren't much left.  a few jackets in random sizes.  some shirts.  quite a few sweaters/cardigans. pretty poor denim selection.  some wool/flannel pants but didn't have all sizes.
thanks.  i think you're spot on.  really appreciate it.  i knew i'd get good answer from the barbour experts!
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