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  worth going?
  worth going?
 that's typical of yankee fans, knowledgeable and merciless, for better or worse.  i was there towards the end of jeter's 0-32 run and they even boo'ed him. the next day (i was there again) he crushed the first pitch he saw from zito for a home run to make it 1-33 and all was well again (it was so loud i thought the stadium was going to collapse). 
hah. well. about half of them were not strikes.  the yanks kept swinging and missing them. so that kinda forced the ump's hand a little...hard to call it a ball with a swing and miss sometimes...
 i heard a story about ryan not ever wanted to "give in" to hitters.  and in his mind, "giving in" meant giving up a hit.  he'd rather walk someone than risking giving a hit.  that probably at least partially explained that he walked over 200! batters a year.  in contrast, i think kershaw's bb/9 is around 1.6 in the last few years.  i think the definition of 'giving in' is now changed to allowing a walk. 
i never believed in AE firsts.  you can make an argument about their shell but i've always bought seconds. i have 8 pairs. all under $200. they look and feel fine and keep me straight with other financial priorities. 
 you're saying this expecting people here have good perspectives.  well, we don't.  we often discuss things here as if money is no object.  many of us are snobs. some of us are actually sick.  but we need some of us talking about disproportionally pricy high end stuff so others can learn about it.  once a while there is always someone asking what's the "best" something. and the somewhat ridiculous conversation starts.  i enjoy the knowledge sharing and the occasional power...
to be fair - he also walked over 200 batters one year (the year he struck out 367).  he wasnt really a pitch to contact kind.  this said, still very impressive but context is very important too. 
i'm guessing perhaps a little further than where the giants are going (went)...
i'm secretly hoping jake arrieta goes nuts and pulls a bumgarner against the cardinals so the dodgers can catch a break...
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