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first day was yesterday.  ends monday.  you aren't missing much at this point.  the real good stuff is gone within the first hour or two anyway.  i was looking for a dixon jacket which supposedly were available for a few hours, but by the time i got there at 3pm, it was slim picking already in the RRL section.  plenty of random stuff elsewhere.  tons of black suits and i can't quite understand why the SA kept insisting that black suits are a stable...
was no line yesterday.  four-person line at the coat check if you want to be technical.  there wasn't much RRL left when i went to at 3pm yesterday.  still some random larger size items.  no RLX that i saw and according to the SA there, only RRL, black label and purple label.  some items were tagged as PRL but really are black label.
damn.  now i want to go to woodbury.  i got a RRL becker jacket and a three RRL shirts at 70% off yesterday. seemed like a great deal to me - would one be able to get a RRL shirt at woodbury for 60 bucks? i'll probably head back to look at a few jackets with more percentage off today. can potentially save another 100 bucks on a jacket.
my bad. monday is the last day indeed...
soiffer haskin in nyc.  twice a year they have a "sample" sale with all sizes.  runs for 3-5 days.  starts off with 70% off retail and ends with 80% off on the last day.  sunday is the last day.
i would completely agree its not worth the effort to go just for the sake of making $15 in frigid cold; i wouldn't do it myself.  in that case he could have just said no and moved on. but broadcasting to the forum as if someone just ate his dog is not an adult move. not cool. just saying.
i think that's actually an appropriate amount.  i'm sorry he has to broadcast to the public when he can simply say no thanks and move on. 
is that an appropriate amount?  it doesn't seem like a lot to most new yorkers given a drink at the bar can cost you $20, but if you are going there anyway and the item isn't too hard to find, you can package it up and walk a few blocks to find a post office (and god forbid, make a friend at the same time), it's really not a bad deal. anyway, i'm a little disappointed how jaded some new yorkers can be sometimes (maybe i just haven't been burned enough growing up in honest...
agreed.  last time i remember it was a disappointing drop - the suits might have gone down by about $100. and the shirts maybe by $30. only on the last day.
 southwick also makes BB black fleece if i'm not mistaken. high quality stuff especially at the high end of the black fleece line. i'm a fan.
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