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thanks! and thanks for the disclaimer -  i highly doubt a large has a P2P of 20. but this is RRL we're talking about - king of inconsistent sizing...
anyone know how this jacket fits?    http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=54993326   i wear most RRL jackets in small but have occasionally needed a medium. thanks in advance. 
a better analogy would be would amazon take back a sony tv you bought at bestbuy?  this said, i'd still give them (AE) a call. you can't lose. 
i get your point. and you're probably right.  but the black sox never won anything and weren't stripped of anything either.   maybe pete rose would be a better example. his hit record will probably never be official at the HOF.  kids will always ask, what happened to pete rose? this whole discussion is super hypothetical. as a dedicated cardinals hater, i'd rather have them lose their world series title than say, lose a few draft picks/miss a few playoffs.  maybe we can...
Punishing for the future gives people an instant gratification but doesn't last long. They'll suck for a few years and be good again and people will quickly forget about it in about 12 years.
the most powerful punishment is actually stripping of the world series win (not that it's gonna happen, nor do i support it).  100 years later someone's gonna ask hey what happened that year where there was no winner, they're going to be reminded that the cardinals cheated.  it's a black eye for the rest of the franchise history.
i'd like to trade him right now.  for mike trout.  straight up. 
 i watch them exclusively online. consistent delivery of average low definition tv but it has a higher definition than radio. i project it with chrome cast on my tv sometimes.  
free baseball!
In 2011 when Joe Posnanski solicited help on Twitter asking which two announcers people would rather have call the World Series than the then Fox duo of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, McCarthy chose Vin Scully and somebody to bring Scully water.   now only if vin can pitch out of the bullpen for us...
New Posts  All Forums: