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oh boy. 800
nice.  too bad the bidding starts at 50% of the retail. so i'll get things rolling - $500! 
i think they go on sale once a year - something like 10% off.  kinda like self edge, which was 13% last year iirc...
what sizes are available? 
nice.  measurements?
why is this still available??
does anyone have any previous experience with/know anything about the union los angeles sample sale?
because people go WAY off tangent on the regular sales alert thread - asking for codes and talking about donuts etc.  let's hope this one is more concise and serves as a one-stop shop. 
so do i.  i think if one has a superior product, one would be much better off to sell it at b&s here since the shoppers here are savvy and appreciate an excellent product.  generally hassle free.  but if the product is so-so, i think one would be better off selling it at ebay to be larger audience.  i have sold a few items on ebay which i may have to pay someone here to get rid of (kenneth cole bluchers, anyone?) but they were gone in a few days on ebay.  for those that...
New Posts  All Forums: