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with my limited experience (i have a total of 6 pairs total), the raw and washed sizing are pretty consistent.
dr. william masters...
i am sorry you see my post that way. by no means being a physician is superior to being a reseller.  they are to be equally respected in many aspects. i guess i'm just tremendously proud of what i do.  i love my job. 
 not sure how you define "privilege".  i never lived in a project but my mother did work four jobs to support the family at one point.  i would guess half of my classmates came from an average, not-so-privileged homes.  becoming a doctor is really about dedication (and doing well on some stupid exams).  people from all backgrounds all can succeed.  you will never hear me complain about my debt because i make plenty.  we do happen to save a life once a while (if you would...
congrats.  you'll find the four years in medical school really aren't nearly as hard as however many years of residency you decide to do.  the way i think about it - it's supposed to be hard. if it's not hard, everyone would do it.  the hard is what makes it great.
i have no issues with anyone flipping anything.  the flippers that bought everything at the outlet take a risk to make a profit.  nothing wrong at all.  but i am saddened by the fact that you think nobody is more greedy than the physicians/surgeons/dentists who profit from other people's agony and pain.  i feel bad for you for even thinking in those terms.  i am sorry you have that impression, or maybe you're just terribly misinformed.
not many people would sell their wives for a pair of shoes but i could be wrong - this is styleforum after all...
maybe someone can definitively confirm this - my understanding is they take a 5% commission on items sold...
looks pretty good to me (but i'm also not terribly picky).  i think after a few washes the shirt may shrink a little and look even more fitted.  i have the same problem - in between a small and a medium.  when in doubt i always get the medium hoping it'll shrink just a little. 
i've had both the $5 and $8 shipping to nyc.  took 2-3 business days.
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