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there is no free lunch - unless someone makes a mistake...
i wonder how much trouble that employee with the leaked code is in...
i don't think he knows who corey seager is. 
They also released the current standing. Not surprisingly: 1. Los Angeles Dodgers2. San Francisco Giants
 no question about that.  made in china products are stigmatized for reasons good or bad.  i guess i never think about re-sale values for clothing so i never took the country of origin into consideration while buying.  but i see your point. and for the same reason, i will never buy an american made car. 
the difference between a product that's made in china and a product that's made in italy is that the product made in china is made by the chinese and the product made in italy is made by first generation chinese immigrants.  it's really about who's doing the quality assurance. 
i'm not sure which line of canali some bloomingdale's carry.  they're fully canvassed, drop 8 with super 130's and 140's with natural shoulders.  the msrp was $1800-2000 and i got two of them at around $600 including tax plus tailoring.  they usually have them on steep sale around xmas and fourth of july.  in my book that beats any fused suits.  
he'd only be 1000% better if he tapped a palin to be his vp...
i have the non-leather version of this and it was $300.  great bag and great price!
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