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i second that. if you can go to a RRL store, it may be even better.  the SA can always call around the country to see if they really have it.  i think like most businesses, store and online are two different entities and dont always know each others inventories.
Thanks. I respect the rules and regulations. I'm still willing to pay for my bidding price if the rule is somehow bent. Porterinjax, you da man!
Ah rats. I thought it was noon pacific time.
I'm here again. Sad I know. Its 80 off most stuff. A lot of 36 reg sports jackets but the style is really underwhelming. A few purple label here and there retailing at 3000 for the sports jacket.
$250 for the children...
decent is all relative.  they have some leather jackets that look "decent".  the suits/sports jackets are worthless in my size 36/38.  there are some nice coats and winter jackets perhaps.  didnt see a lot purple label.  mostly black label.  the shirts are nice but after discount it was still over $100 per so i wasn't look at them.  some random shoes.  not as good as the june one IIRC.
 so they're really about 70% off retail.  i guess it's a moot point (as a cow's opinion) since i don't even have a car...
first day was yesterday.  ends monday.  you aren't missing much at this point.  the real good stuff is gone within the first hour or two anyway.  i was looking for a dixon jacket which supposedly were available for a few hours, but by the time i got there at 3pm, it was slim picking already in the RRL section.  plenty of random stuff elsewhere.  tons of black suits and i can't quite understand why the SA kept insisting that black suits are a stable...
was no line yesterday.  four-person line at the coat check if you want to be technical.  there wasn't much RRL left when i went to at 3pm yesterday.  still some random larger size items.  no RLX that i saw and according to the SA there, only RRL, black label and purple label.  some items were tagged as PRL but really are black label.
damn.  now i want to go to woodbury.  i got a RRL becker jacket and a three RRL shirts at 70% off yesterday. seemed like a great deal to me - would one be able to get a RRL shirt at woodbury for 60 bucks? i'll probably head back to look at a few jackets with more percentage off today. can potentially save another 100 bucks on a jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: