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it works sort of like a casino.  it keeps people coming.
 that's interesting... so a tagged 32 waist measures 32? i find most my RRL denim measures 2-3 inches larger than tagged size...
sushi gen has the best quality fish imho.  hama is my fav because of the ambience and a lot more affordable.  my wait at hama is constantly 30 mins and never experienced any significant wait time at sushi gen.
this jacket reminds me of the ones i got from freemans sporting club last winter - excellent quality and understated style.  i would be very surprised if it's still available in a week.  but if it were, i'm sure i can reach a nice deal with you!
it may come back to hurt me a little (since i really do like this jacket but already have two similar ones) - is there any reason this one is still available http://www.styleforum.net/t/427841/final-price-drop-charcoal-harris-tweed-jacket-by-old-town-clothing-38/0_30#post_7409605   as far as i know, @FlyingMonkey is a very reasonable person..
totally agree. when steve jobs took over apple the second time around, he only wanted to develop four products and he wanted them perfect... if i could suggest anything, it's to make one of your few products absolutely the best (not one of the best, the best) in the industry...
i would say so, and i'm fully aware of the risk being called "cheap" by some RRL enthusiasts.. i have a gainful employment but i don't think i ever bought anything RRL at retail prices...
my understanding is we never openly ask on the forum to have paypal friend because legally it gets us in trouble with paypal.  my suspicion is that many of us trade via paypal as friends/family to avoid additional fees to make it a win-win situation (sorry paypal).
i'd love to talk shipping, but is it just me or do we want to know the size (and measurements) maybe?
it's funny.  people whine about others asking for a coupon code.  as much as that's annoying, it's at least related to sales.  others bitch about people asking about the fit of an item on sale and tell them it's the wrong thread.  and here we are...progress...
New Posts  All Forums: