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i bought a shirt.  RRL was at 70% off this morning.  the selection was bad (and i showed up at 9:10AM).  there are a few shirts in small and large.  maybe 3 shirts left in medium. a few jackets in the L and XL left and some jeans here and there.  there were a few people that was buying everything so i imagine there is even less left now.   the suit (BL) selection was quite good at 70% off.
just curious to see if anyone has had any updates since the last post.  i walked by his store today and had a brief chat with him. he seemed quite knowledgeable and pleasant.  his suits now start at about $1500.  anything a bit better will put you in the $2500 range.  all work is done on premise and all suits are fully canvassed.  i saw some of the suits hanging in the shop - the styles were really quite average (for the price).  as mentioned above, there isn't a house cut...
alexander mcqueen suits anyone?
i remember buying an item for $100 with a retail of $250 once.  but that's after painstakingly waiting for over a month (and checking the item daily) and i got the last one...
gone. thanks. til next time...
impressive indeed!
nuts.  how many feet do you have?
i hope i'm not breaking any rules - i have a $35 re-craft gift card that can be applied to all online purchases (no good for factory outlets).  expires in 74 days.  free. first come first served.  probably the best if you know for sure you are getting something from their website already.   thanks.
that's what i would do - if your raw is sanforized at least (does RRL make unsanforized?).  not sure what other would say though...
with my limited experience (i have a total of 6 pairs total), the raw and washed sizing are pretty consistent.
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