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i appreciate the understated-ness. i also like the vintage designs and the above-average quality (for the price).  and the fact their stuff is constantly on sale doesn't hurt either...
that's happened before.  last year they were having a similar sale around this time and i compared the online prices against the w. broadway prices.  i think online only had 2-3 items that were cheaper compared to in-store. 
someone buys something (everything) from this guy so he can fund this jacket!!
http://www.soifferhaskin.com/sale-schedule/ralph-lauren/ 317 west 33rd street.
the 85% off was the last two days of last year's winter sample sale.  many of us were hoping it would reach 90% by the last day...
i missed out the RRL 40% extra off (selected fall items) last week at melrose.  anyone know when they'll do it again? 
kudos to @997CTSurg. a real champ.  i ran out of bullets in that match.  now i'll have to fight my way back... congrats!
or do i need to bid $1251 to get the tie?
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