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you got just tricked.  he makes stupid comments like that just to get a reaction, to seek attention, like he knows nothing about baseball...
syndergaard and d'arnoud for r.a. dickey. what a trade...
don't think degrom will be thrown out if he just hits chase.  chase will need to charge the mount and take one for the team. break degrom's clavicle or something.  they would still have syndergaard on full rest though. 
yeah. i think it's just you. i added it and it stayed 179. 
let's go dodgers! break a leg!    up to 90% off. 
i joined their mailing list when i visited their store. i did so reluctantly but the sales rep promised that they'd only email me about big sales. so far so good. no junk email at all. too bad the sample sale was a shit show. 
i'm not sure why you're still talking about "the freak". i respect bumgarner; i wish the dodgers had him. but lincecum is so yesterday's news, so is matt cain.  it's like me not letting go koufax's no hitters and constantly wave them in front of you. that's just weak.    oh, and sorry to break it to you, the giants can't afford greinke. 
 of course it is. because bumgarner has not lost a game this off season; he therefore should be this year's post season MVP.  seriously, i have not heard any fan whose team didn't even make it to the playoffs talk this much trash.  i'd keep my mouth shut if my dodgers didn't make it to the playoffs. 
let's give bumgarner some credit.  he's been showing up at his house regularly this post season...
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