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you might want to give them a call.  i was there last week and there weren't much left.  a few jackets in random sizes.  some shirts.  quite a few sweaters/cardigans. pretty poor denim selection.  some wool/flannel pants but didn't have all sizes.
thanks.  i think you're spot on.  really appreciate it.  i knew i'd get good answer from the barbour experts!
i agree.  but has anyone tried contacting him and/or received some bogus explanation from him?  i know when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is but i figure i'd just email him and see what he has to say?  better yet, if anyone has had experience with the website, it's even better...
has anyone had any experience with the website www.cdatm.com?   it seems like they specialize in barbour with some incredible prices, which seem a bit too good to be true.  i'd like to hear more if anyone has any experience with it.   thanks in advance.
 all but one pair of my AE's are seconds and i really don't have many complaints.  i inspect them when i receive them and return them if they don't fit well or have terrible defects. even when i notice some defects i feel they are easily tolerable.   someone above made a comment comparing AE to CJ - people that can easily afford CJ's don't go for AE's routinely. you simply can't go wrong with AE's.  AE buyers like AE because of its cost-effectiveness and that they...
i apologize if this topic has been visited and revisited.   i'm looking at end clothing's UK website and there are a few shirt-jackets i'd like to buy.  how does the custom work? i've heard i could be slapped with a GBP 50-80 custom but others are not so sure.  also, should i wait a bit longer for a deeper discount or does anyone have a code?   thanks in advance!
i have returned items both back to the local store and to the outlet shop with their free return label.  1. the store at 44th and madison was clearly not happy about the return and they inspected it (and me) over and over.  it didn't help that i look very young for my age either.  but the shoe was worn once on my carpet and there was no reason for them not to accept it.  2. there was no restocking charge to my return to the freeport maine store with their free return...
not sure what feedback you're looking for..  i handled it at the store. soft, thick fabric. well made with typical RRL details.  almost thought it was a shirt jacket given the thickness.  at $55, i got one.
 i visited the west broadway and prince stores last night. there don't have a lot left but they are all 40% plus 40% off.there are only a few items online that are cheaper than the store price with the "merry25" code for an additional 25% off. the online store has more options than the stores.
i love this game - $370
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