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 of course it is. because bumgarner has not lost a game this off season; he therefore should be this year's post season MVP.  seriously, i have not heard any fan whose team didn't even make it to the playoffs talk this much trash.  i'd keep my mouth shut if my dodgers didn't make it to the playoffs. 
let's give bumgarner some credit.  he's been showing up at his house regularly this post season...
seriously. i'd love to be the union rep for utley in this case. i can make a 3-hour movie showing slides similar and worse than his that did not result in a suspension and were ruled legal. 
good for you. i feel sorry for your parents... they must have taught you if you can't win an argument, start calling names...or was it donald trump?
now now. we were all having pretty reasonable and respectful debate/conversation until you start calling names. is this really necessary?
this is not the first ridiculous suspension and won't be the last. it's also nothing new that rules will be made to protect players with poor fundamentals that get hurt (just like in football and posey). i'm ready to move on. let's all do that. 
congratulations. i hope you feel you've done something valuable for yourself. 
agreed. let's move on. 
how many times has utley been suspected for unsportsmanlike conduct in his career? and also, just to make it clear. you're describing the slide as dickheaded, which is quite concrete and specific.  was it too hard in your mind?  or was it too fast by your velocity criteria? was he too far off the base?  were his spikes up?  did he make contact with tejada's body before the slide? was he really going for the second base? no. but honestly what percentage of the players...
 i would have been devastated if seager broke his leg. no question. but again, if i just look at the slide, it's a hard, major league slide. i would probably shake my head and move on.   like mentioned earlier, as a major league shortstop, tejada should have expected a hard slide.  to miss the bag, spin around and try to be creative for a very difficult play, he put himself in a bad spot. i laugh at the hypocrisy because i never saw you calling for fine/suspensions about...
New Posts  All Forums: