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the context of my statement (but who cares about context when you want to make an argument) was that there was a conspiracy that trout didn't win any MVP's (see the previous post). I was simply trying to point out there was no conspiracy about trout not winning an MVP (he did win one). in 2013 the votes could have gone either way.  i really don't want to get into any senseless and endless arguments about who should have won the award. if you really insist reading into what...
the last bid was 450. i'm happy to submit 435 if it beats that...
can someone share about his/her experience with the tanner goods pop-up sale at the ACE hotel? 
possibly.  that was the last number you publicly stated at the end of all auctions and you said you hoped to reach 15k in a few days (assuming from other sources). 
it's mostly a perception and presentation.  BG has far fewer locations. is more spiffy (and perhaps more pretentious).  products wise, the flagship stores for BG, Saks and NM are similar...   edit: " Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus are sister stores, both owned by the Neiman Marcus Group. Many people are baffled as to why Neiman Marcus doesn’t have an outpost in New York City—but that’s because they’re basically the same store! They have been affiliated since 1972."  
if my chart-checking is correct, we got $14134 from the auction last year, not including donations from other sources. 
yes yes you are. either for the shoe laces or the box...
paul stuart is having a sale. your question deserves a thread of its own...
yes. thanks. 
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