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thank god.  maybe now we can get bruce bochy. 
thanks guys for all the replies.  i got the idea. and by no means this is to start of a rant session.  i was initially a little shocked how dysfunctional they are and wondered if such sustained dysfunction will run them out of business.  but now i realize it's pretty much par for the course compared to many other similar stores and they're thriving just fine..   now we can move on to other sales. thanks again. 
anyone got any tracking info from the unionmade archive sales yet?  it's almost a week and the charges have already been posted on my credit card.  when i called them, they said they haven't shipped the items and may take over a week to ship, if they actually have the stuff still.    is this the general experience with unionmade?  charge before shipping and don't really know if they even have the stuff in stock?  i've had two previous orders from them without any issues. 
you got just tricked.  he makes stupid comments like that just to get a reaction, to seek attention, like he knows nothing about baseball...
syndergaard and d'arnoud for r.a. dickey. what a trade...
don't think degrom will be thrown out if he just hits chase.  chase will need to charge the mount and take one for the team. break degrom's clavicle or something.  they would still have syndergaard on full rest though. 
yeah. i think it's just you. i added it and it stayed 179. 
let's go dodgers! break a leg! 
http://archive.unionmadegoods.com/    up to 90% off. 
i joined their mailing list when i visited their store. i did so reluctantly but the sales rep promised that they'd only email me about big sales. so far so good. no junk email at all. too bad the sample sale was a shit show. 
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