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where do you guys think the freemans sporting club (FSC) suits rank?  they're advertised as full-canvassed with natural shoulders and tailored fit.  looks nice online. anyone has any experience?
cracks me up.  i'm sure when the guy gets sued by RL he's gonna say "dammit, the guy RRL CLOTHING warned me! I really shouldn't have done it!"
actually it did the opposite for me.  i don't want either one now...
not in my experience. i've once kept a few items in my cart for up to a few months without any further discount.  i remember one item sold out within two weeks and the other the next month.  one of the items was listed again in a different "event".
but he's einstine!! 
agreed.  let's move on. does anyone know if End or Eastdane are going to have further reductions?
i respect your opinion.  but to continue your train of logic, ignoring taxes/custom fee is more like being caught speeding and being issued a ticket and hoping our broken legal/court system won't chase you down (many are successful). your analogy is the same as ordering from end and hoping end didn't file for custom.
i agree. i think if you are going to buy an luxurious item that may have an associated tax, you shouldn't count on avoiding the tax by ignoring it.  i really don't mean to sound like a self-righteous person. I hate being taxed as much as i hate death.  but seriously, if you want a $500 jacket and are willing to break the law to avoid paying the appropriate custom, you have a bigger problem in your life and you probably need help. this said, thanks to the forum for letting...
lovely boots.  size?
+1.  i thought i was the only person that thinks some of the SA's are quite pretentious and even at time a bit of pricky...
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