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i've had both the $5 and $8 shipping to nyc.  took 2-3 business days.
i got those black button tab jeans - arrived today.  when i ordered a few days ago, only two sizes were available.  super soft.  not what i expected but very happy with them so far.
i've seen three for $25 (with free shipping and no tax) offered twice in the last three months.
funny that's exactly what happened to me too.  first bought the factory seconds trees at about $16 per.  then found them at the rack for $13.  finally resorted to the JAB at $8 per. turns out they are all made by more or less the same company with the same quality .  wish i had joined this forum a little earlier...
the pic cracks me up because i notice you have JAB shoe trees in your allen edmonds! presumably because you can get three of them for 25 bucks all the time.  i do the exact same thing! hah...
yep. i'll take it for $2 shipped!
let's be fair.  the price was $6.50 plus $5.60 shipping.  what bothered me more is the fact that he didn't even bother to be original  - he copied and pasted directly from the ebay post. one of the few first things i learned when i joined sf - flip it at ebay, you're a hero; flip it at styleforum, you're a zero.  sounds like ajdesa needs a new username.  or perhaps we'll just have a short memory...
where do you guys think the freemans sporting club (FSC) suits rank?  they're advertised as full-canvassed with natural shoulders and tailored fit.  looks nice online. anyone has any experience?
cracks me up.  i'm sure when the guy gets sued by RL he's gonna say "dammit, the guy RRL CLOTHING warned me! I really shouldn't have done it!"
actually it did the opposite for me.  i don't want either one now...
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