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impressive indeed!
nuts.  how many feet do you have?
i hope i'm not breaking any rules - i have a $35 re-craft gift card that can be applied to all online purchases (no good for factory outlets).  expires in 74 days.  free. first come first served.  probably the best if you know for sure you are getting something from their website already.   thanks.
that's what i would do - if your raw is sanforized at least (does RRL make unsanforized?).  not sure what other would say though...
with my limited experience (i have a total of 6 pairs total), the raw and washed sizing are pretty consistent.
dr. william masters...
i am sorry you see my post that way. by no means being a physician is superior to being a reseller.  they are to be equally respected in many aspects. i guess i'm just tremendously proud of what i do.  i love my job. 
 not sure how you define "privilege".  i never lived in a project but my mother did work four jobs to support the family at one point.  i would guess half of my classmates came from an average, not-so-privileged homes.  becoming a doctor is really about dedication (and doing well on some stupid exams).  people from all backgrounds all can succeed.  you will never hear me complain about my debt because i make plenty.  we do happen to save a life once a while (if you would...
congrats.  you'll find the four years in medical school really aren't nearly as hard as however many years of residency you decide to do.  the way i think about it - it's supposed to be hard. if it's not hard, everyone would do it.  the hard is what makes it great.
i have no issues with anyone flipping anything.  the flippers that bought everything at the outlet take a risk to make a profit.  nothing wrong at all.  but i am saddened by the fact that you think nobody is more greedy than the physicians/surgeons/dentists who profit from other people's agony and pain.  i feel bad for you for even thinking in those terms.  i am sorry you have that impression, or maybe you're just terribly misinformed.
New Posts  All Forums: