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what kinda bedroom renovation can you do with $3000 in new york? you mean you're buying a new mattress?
that's like 1/4 of the listings, if not 1/3... how are we going to report/enforce?
they do a 10% off during xmas time.  iirc - selfedge does a 13% off. 
they do usually have an extra 20% off after a few days but wait at your own risk.  as mentioned above, they also do warehouse sale (80% or more off retails) but real good deals are usually gone in the first hour or so. 
holy crap. somebody rob this guy! he's asking for it!
i'm curious. what do you say to the credit card company when asking for a refund?  do you say "i ordered from them. they sent me something but it was not what i ordered. i'm going to keep it by law and i want a refund?" do you have any magic phrases?  i hate to sound self-righteous.  while it does sound like legally you may have a point but i just don't know if i live by that ethics code myself.  in addition, isn't this like the fastest way to get you black-listed and...
i've seen this wallet in person multiple times and it looks nothing like the one you got.  the wallets i saw in person looked exactly like the ones online. i know you aren't returning it, but you sure they didn't send you a wrong model? 
i'm so glad i'm not the only one that couldn't get the RRL size right ordering online...
he's right. i just confirmed with the melrose store.  the indigo cotton terry hoodie is going for $149.99 online but in store is $118.  before the 30% it was $168.  not sure if it applies to every order though.  also, some items that are available online, they are oss in store...
i think the inconsistent sizing in RRL is really part of their secret marketing ploy.  it keeps us guessing and discussing and creates this mysterious vibe.  it's almost like a casino sometimes but it has never stopped us from being a fan/cult-follower...
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