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they're doing it 2 for 20 right now.  this is the best i've seen in the last year or two.  my guess is you stock up now. the price is only going up... i sure am glad i bought three extra pairs when they were 7.50. 
i'm curious -    if all else being equal - would one rather have a piece of SW&D garment made in the USA in a factory owned and supervised by the chinese?   or    a piece of SW&D garment made in china but owned and supervised by an american company?   just curious...
the RRL items made in china are made by the chinese. the RRL items made in the USA are made by the chinese immigrants. 
Please. Don't make the bostonians laugh at us. I know we put on our mittens and beanies when it's 55 degrees in the mornings...
if i'm not mistaken, the IH you mentioned is a 21-oz denim and i believe Momo vintage label 0701 or 0201 are 15.7-oz.  i live in southern california and nobody can pay me enough to get in a pair of denim heavier than 17 oz.  to me they're almost complete different products.  21-oz denim would just be too heavy/hot for me. 
i have been taught since medical school that however much my patients tell me they drink, multiply by 3.  turns out this works outside of medicine as well...
always match your socks with your mood, i was told and it has worked very well for me...
what kinda bedroom renovation can you do with $3000 in new york? you mean you're buying a new mattress?
that's like 1/4 of the listings, if not 1/3... how are we going to report/enforce?
they do a 10% off during xmas time.  iirc - selfedge does a 13% off. 
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