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[IMG][/IMG]   3 months no soak 1 wash
my Iron Rangers made my feet blister so bad.  blister scabbed over.  have a scar.   they ended up being .5 size too big.  i rarely wear them now as they stretched out my foot started to slip more and more   thinking about selling them :(
White's Semi-Dress ·         Toe Vamp Leather: Burgundy #8 Chrome Excel by Horween ·         Celastic Toe Box: Single ·         Upper (Shaft) Leather : Burgundy #8 Chrome Excel by Horween ·         Leather Liner: Black ·         Back Stay Leather: Burgundy #8 Chrome Excel by Horween ·         Eyelet Color: Antique ·         Sole Trim: Standard Trim ·         Eyelet Configuration : Eyelet ·         Lace: Leather ·         Sole: Vib...
Just sent in my foot tracings to Kyle, gonna place my order soon, so juiced.   Most likely gonna get 6 In Smoke Jumper Semi Dress Last black cxl everything antique eyelets and hooks Natural Single Midsole Celastic Toe Pull loop cuban heel lowered 1/4 vibram 430 sole cant decide between close trim or not-  i've had problem with stitch splitting before.  does the close trim make it more likely to happen?   also benefits of leather liner?
+1 I'd like to see what the swing last looks from the top down.   That boot looks AMAZING.
I'm about to buy some boots from Baker's but I have some questions for some of you who have worn White's for awhile...   I'm wondering about the celastic toe/no celastic toe.  I know on some steel toe boots without cap toes, when there's a toe cap in it you can see the line where the toe cap ends and it doesn't blend in so well.  Does this line appear on the celastic toe boots?    Also, does the boot hold up and look decent without the toe cap?   Also, what...
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