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Wish I could have got hired there...
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Not always. I sometimes wear a moleskine jacket and trousers, admittedly made from exactly the same batch of material from Hackett. It is a great 'halfway suit' and each element can be worn separately. Uussssssssssss.. [Sucks air through teeth Japanese businessman style and tenses visibly] Very dangerous it is! What are the colors?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nereis The first 5 seconds someone meets you is probably more important than anything you could say during the interview yourself, unless you admit to having a scat fetish or something. It's during that brief moment that you can build rapport with your interviewer and give the impression that working with you wouldn't be so bad. Any hints? I might in in the market again soon...
Not necessarily. The jacket and slacks need to be be diffidence enough to not look like it is attempting to be suit -- which looks very bad, They should complement each other in color, dressiness, cachet, and finish.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Is that really necessary? Only if you are down wind.
The Bride of Frankenstein!
You're nuts.
I've had enough to drink. I'm back to fuck with you guys.
The fit looks good to me. A genuine Luther Gillis!
Here you are, Sunshine! http://modelingmadness.com/scotts/de...ts/mmmio14.htm
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