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Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Damn. I tried the 38R and it was a bit too loose. Where should the coat fall to? Half the distance from the collar to the deck. Cover the seat of the pants. Line up with the bottom of the stride. You may have to shade the first to hit the second and third points. You have about +/- one inch before things start to look odd. If the jacket is shorter, it makes you look taller. If longer, then...
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky ...it is a real bow tie... Good for you. Looks like a jumbo from Beau Ties Ltd -- for them "buttlerfly" means that four inches tall model. I was surprised when I got mine -- I had never seen one so tall.
Half an inch.
No, but you can buy one. Then you will have two shirts.
Captoe 1st. Punch cap 2nd. Gunboats and pin stripes 3rd. Oh, sorry, auto sales? Then dress like a pimp.
Yes. If the patterns are too close. you will know it. Hurts your eyes.
Navy solid 2 button side vent notch. White point collar FC with mild links. Wedding tie. Black PA-type, very shiny. TV fold. No Bermuda Triangle. No pin stripes -- too biz.
This also is of the Devil.
You take them out and put them in a safe place.
Looks like he wet his pants.
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