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Black tie.
I like the cape.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer this is great advice, if he wants to be isolated and be considered a nerd, and therefore ignored by the regular employees. Most standard bank branches are staffed by high school educated tellers making slightly above minimum wage, and "bankers" who scraped together a 2.2 gpa at some crappy school. This is not the world of high finance, and the OP is a high school student. As someone stated, his goal should be to...
Black tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Navy blue. Perhaps I need a second opinion. I'll post a pic, if it gets roasted, I will never do it again. Promise. xx Both navy? Almost sounds like a suit... But, if it look OK, then it's OK.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Smile, stand up straight, firm handshake, and be sociable with small talk. And, of course, be well-dressed. Better if you're: a) Tall b) Handsome/good-looking Aw, gee! While good, that's basic stuff. I know that. of course, but I was hoping for magic words, or something. .
Yes. And also a snail mail.
Usually you are supposed to tell your current boss when you are looking for a new job at your current employer. Better check. .
Wish I could have got hired there...
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Not always. I sometimes wear a moleskine jacket and trousers, admittedly made from exactly the same batch of material from Hackett. It is a great 'halfway suit' and each element can be worn separately. Uussssssssssss.. [Sucks air through teeth Japanese businessman style and tenses visibly] Very dangerous it is! What are the colors?
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