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Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Is that really necessary? Only if you are down wind.
You're nuts.
I've had enough to drink. I'm back to fuck with you guys.
The fit looks good to me. A genuine Luther Gillis!
Here you are, Sunshine! http://modelingmadness.com/scotts/de...ts/mmmio14.htm
When I was six years old, I had a Hopalong Cassidy belt and holster. It had cartridges in it. Maybe you could find one of those and cut off the holster.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheEdwardian That would be a seriously SF wedding. When have you ever seen shoes stated on a dress code? Especially something as esoteric IRL as Alberts? Re. Black calf opera pumps, I recall Sator had a pair made at EG; search for posts. I never got it though. If you are man enough [I am] to wear girl shoes, wear shiny ones. In that case they are not the "stated dess code", are they, dumb ass?
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Damn. I tried the 38R and it was a bit too loose. Where should the coat fall to? Half the distance from the collar to the deck. Cover the seat of the pants. Line up with the bottom of the stride. You may have to shade the first to hit the second and third points. You have about +/- one inch before things start to look odd. If the jacket is shorter, it makes you look taller. If longer, then...
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky ...it is a real bow tie... Good for you. Looks like a jumbo from Beau Ties Ltd -- for them "buttlerfly" means that four inches tall model. I was surprised when I got mine -- I had never seen one so tall.
Half an inch.
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