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That shoe is well worn and appeare to me to be red... Cordo-#8 or burgundy.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog It's an internal strategy/consulting group, so I'm sure it errs more on the conservative side than, say, a hip, advertising agency. I don't know shit when it comes to suits. No one mentioned the lapels being an issue for the H&M suit. It was just too short. Zara was a substitute and it fit well on my frame and I think it's more flattering than my conservative, boxy suit. That being said, I had it taken to a...
Looks like those new livers are holding up pretty well.
'58 Edsel be perfect for you, Sunshine.
Why don't you name it Cruiser?
If you were death-camp thin, these lapels would be OK. Why did you buy this? I want to know, what was your rational?
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer wow, 3 months late, and no reading comprehension. He is shadowing someone. He clearly stated that he has the internship already. Maybe read the thread again in another 3 months and you'll get it right. This shithole is onty worth a visit every three months.
Black tie.
I like the cape.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer this is great advice, if he wants to be isolated and be considered a nerd, and therefore ignored by the regular employees. Most standard bank branches are staffed by high school educated tellers making slightly above minimum wage, and "bankers" who scraped together a 2.2 gpa at some crappy school. This is not the world of high finance, and the OP is a high school student. As someone stated, his goal should be to...
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