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Possibly nothing has been said is that, as an intern, they know they will be rid of you soon.
Very sad. Next time. don't hug the bag.
You left out" "The cleaners does it."
Tie too long. Trousers too narrow. Bermuda triangle. Excellent liar though. Is he a lawyer?
Don't match if you can avoid it. Mayne you can placate her with cuff links...
You are going in the wrong direction. You want that deep V to emphasize the verticle. This does the opposite.
Sorry to hear you were taken ill. Get well soon.
Those are "wide." Wear them if you like.
This is a good look for a rich, sick old man who doesn't know how to dress.
How long have you worked there? You want to stick with a job long enough so you don't look like a job hopper. Prospective employers don't like that. Telling your boss you intend to leave cold be risky. There might be retaliation. He could fire you or otherwise jerk you around. Wait until you have a signed letter of intent for the new job and then give two week notice. Good luck. I don't know what the job market it like in your town, but in Lawndale it ain't so good.
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