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Finally moving it off pf the TRASH-80, huh?
Be sure to stuff your black tie rig in there.
Run this question pas the Fedora Lounge. http://www.thefedoralounge.com/ You will never get a deebt hat for that proce. And it looks dreadful.
^^^ Best first post since Orsini...
Possibly nothing has been said is that, as an intern, they know they will be rid of you soon.
Very sad. Next time. don't hug the bag.
You left out" "The cleaners does it."
Tie too long. Trousers too narrow. Bermuda triangle. Excellent liar though. Is he a lawyer?
Don't match if you can avoid it. Mayne you can placate her with cuff links...
You are going in the wrong direction. You want that deep V to emphasize the verticle. This does the opposite.
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