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Work the sole over with the ball of your thumb. If you can find any soft spot, then it is back to the factory for a re-build.
...and shave.
Hand wash, cold. Any good cleaners will do this.
I guess I might as well pitch in. That shirt is awfully dark. A white or very light blue is what you need. Tell yourself you're the greatest and arrive just a few minutes early. And smile. The rest is all good advice.
Who cares what peons do in China!
They suck!
I'm with the others. Either do black tie correctly or break out the old navy solid.
Mister, you got a lot of guts to wear that tie. More guts than brains.
Those people at the wedding never heard of this fictional character. Don't put your wedding party in a uniform. It looks stuoid.
Yes, much better that their suits do not match.I would be concerned that the lounge with the bow tie would look like an "imitation" tux...
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