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I'm with the others. Either do black tie correctly or break out the old navy solid.
Mister, you got a lot of guts to wear that tie. More guts than brains.
Those people at the wedding never heard of this fictional character. Don't put your wedding party in a uniform. It looks stuoid.
Yes, much better that their suits do not match.I would be concerned that the lounge with the bow tie would look like an "imitation" tux...
I certainly hope so. Just to be sure, add a regimental tie.
No. Much too sporty.
The trousers look a bit short and there appears to be some Bermuda Triangle. For an interview at a US bank, super-conventional is probably best. You're really a good-looking young man, though…
With DB this would not be a concern.
They are tied a bit short.
Quote: Originally Posted by rsl ...I know it's considered best to wear a cummerbund with a Shawl lapel... You answered your own question.
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