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You two always look so good. 
That rule is in regard to the four-in-hand tie. 
Ouch! That must have hurt! 
The first one is better for what you want to do. As pointed out, it is a classic style and will thus coordinate better with the other pieces in your outfits. The second is more fashion forward. 
Sorry to hear you were injured. Hope you recover soon.    Can you tell us, how did it happen? 
I'd want shoes in the same formality range as the suit. With a navy solid at a wedding, I'd go with black plain or punch cap bal oxfords. 
Over time, won't the jacket and trousers fade at a different rate? 
Half the distance from the collar to the deck. 
For the extra $30 I'd get full canvas. 
Looks OK to me. I'd go with what you've got.
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