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Sorry to bring back this thread from the dead, but I am also very interested in what exactly he has on. As to the comment about most likely just throwing on any old pair of sneakers, that wasn't his style. He was very brand loyal and particular about what he wore, especially in the 60s. His favorite sunglasses were Persol 714s (he had 3-4 pairs with different frame colors and lens colors throughout the 60s), he liked Lee Prest pants and Jeans, and he also had preferred...
Sorry to bring back this thread from the dead, but I am very interested in knowing what shoes he is wearing. As to the comment about him just throwing on any old pair of tennis shoes, that wasn't really his style. He was pretty brand loyal and particular about what he wore. Persol 714's were his favorite sunglasses (he had 3 or 4 pairs throughout the 60s with different color frames and lenses), he also liked Lee Prest cords and Lee pants/jeans in general, and his...
Thank you Mainy! Is there any name for the specific style of the straight cut top on the upper? Most of the roper boots I have seen so far have v type cuts in the top. Thanks again, C
I am pretty sure that this is the boot. This is a boot that James Dean actually wore (and from the looks of it, he wore them a lot.) I think what I thought were cap toes, were actually just creases from him wearing them so often. Anybody know what they are from this picture or if there are boots like them still made?
Anyone have any clues at all? Any info would help. Thanks, C
I would like to know what boots James Dean wore all of the time. They look like black cowboy boots with a cap toe, low heal that is possibly rounded, and they are very plain with no embroidery or stitching. Other than thinking that they might be old Frye boots, I have know clue about them. I looked at Frye's new boots, but they don't make any with the low heal and a cap toe. Does anyone here know what make and model they are? Possibly if they are still made or if there are...
By the way, if you hate them, then just don't read them. Nuff said.
I think you are right about the Atherstone. Pretty sure they are Crockett and Jones because he is known to wear them off the movie set as well as on. I heard somewhere that he actually asked the costume designers for Skyfall if he could wear Crockett and Jones.   C
Actually I think I might have figured out what they are. Could they be Crockett and Jones Brunswick 2's?
    Was wondering if anyone could help me identify the shoes Daniel Craig is wearing here? My first thought was Crockett and Jones, but they look too long and skinny to me. They look like they are a really dark brown. Any help is appreciated.   Thanks, C
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