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Anybody in Fukuoka carry Motos?
Preamble to the Instructions on How to Wind a Watch Think of this: When they present you with a watch they are gifting you with a tiny flowering hell, a wreath of roses, a dungeon of air. They aren't simply wishing the watch on you, and many more, and we hope it will last you, it's a good brand, Swiss, seventeen rubies; they aren't just giving you this minute stonecutter which will bind you by the wrist and walk along with you. They are giving you—they don't know it,...
Oh yikes
Budapest is awesome.
Good lookin Seiko!
Try Prozac.
Anybody know what's up with Ressence? I mean, I know they're still around, and Baselworld coverage occasionally hits them, but they're never discussed and I never see anyone on watch forums who has purchased one.   I think the watches are very cool, an actual re-thinking of the wristwatch that strikes me as both clever and beautiful, an actual innovation rather than just another flashy "avant garde" look.  
The Most Punctual Man in India 
Very cool!
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