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And pour overs--or hand drip, here--always end up tepid imo
Libertine has gone under. Closing in a few weeks. Apparently Drew was the "hands on"/QC dude, and his leaving was the beginning of the end.
You're a charmer
I would sooner grind my beans with a ballpeen hammer than drink Nespresso.
(He didn't exactly come out of nowhere...) /derail
Gooood I was super skeptical, but GREAT.
For those who enjoy the "challenge " of Where's Waldo? books
This forum hasn't been particularly kind to FM over the years
" I don't know what the Dad in that picture does for a living, but you can be sure it involves a lot of money and the son will inherit it, along with a boat (below) and the means of production (not pictured)." Hahaha The Last Psychiatrist is a treasure. Loved him/her for years. Thanks for the reminder!
New Posts  All Forums: