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He writes "I include in [this] observation, a number of movements in extremely inexpensive watches," though, is the thing.
Ah, cool--links?
Actually, in the linked post Odets is comparing the Rolex to much cheaper watches.
Missed a little of the IWC love (refreshing!), but here's my baby, the Big Ingenieur DFB:  
I'd go with the IWC since you have a sports watch already; just pick a nice one!
 Totally with you.
I listened to   Cecil Taylor - Conquistador!   this morning. Wish there were more records with Bill Dixon playing in Cecil's bands.     WARNING: not groovy.
As well you should--it's the grooviest record in the history of ever.
[also redacted]
I know, right? Why must people insist on discussing watches in this here watch discussion thread?
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