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A rather different trumpeter, but still in the Davis lineage somehow,   Bill Dixon - Vade Mecum  
Yes. Yes he is: 
Gram Parsons (w/Emmylou Harris) - Grievous Angel  
  Glad to hear it!
Daniel Johnston - Yip/Jump Music  
 Agreed that Rose is better, but FP is still a good time. The super-cerebral antidote to Dan Brown's oeuvre. Oh, and re: Eco, a few lovely lines from Black Swan: 
The Stooges - Funhouse  
 Yes. Very good. Not a slog, either. 
  Absolutely jaw-dropping. A masterpiece. I'm reading the new issue of The Baffler and a book of poems by Catriona Strang (Corked). Sorta making my way through the Breanne Fahs Valerie Solanas bio as well.
The Staples Singers - A Family Affair (1959 - 1984)  
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