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Love the ET Yin Yang
Dame Dolla stone cold in the 4th to take down the Clips. One of them in CP3's face, 28 feet out or some shit.
GS switches so so well. Amazing to watch.
I had that in Barcelona a bit ago. Really liked it.
Very, very happy about the 8 Wired offerings at Mikkeller bar last night. Hopwired and the Saison Sauvin, in particular. NZ killin' it, who knew?
Yep. He did that all the time.
 I think they help a lot. It's long been a truism that handles don't improve in the NBA, but Curry's really have, and by improving his handles, he's elevated his whole game.
 Aminu's been an RPM dreamboat for a minute, though. If he's actually rediscovered his stroke from 3, he's a steal, and even if that dries up, he adds a lot of value on D, he rebounds way above his weight class, and he's almost as versatile on offense as Batum. Like him a lot.
New Posts  All Forums: