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 Agreed that Rose is better, but FP is still a good time. The super-cerebral antidote to Dan Brown's oeuvre. Oh, and re: Eco, a few lovely lines from Black Swan: 
The Stooges - Funhouse  
 Yes. Very good. Not a slog, either. 
  Absolutely jaw-dropping. A masterpiece. I'm reading the new issue of The Baffler and a book of poems by Catriona Strang (Corked). Sorta making my way through the Breanne Fahs Valerie Solanas bio as well.
The Staples Singers - A Family Affair (1959 - 1984)  
  I believe the Rolex is genuine (I'm no expert though). (oh, and that's a superbly crafted cranefly! Wear it in good health!)
 The Germans came through, and they owe it all to my post. You're welcome, Germany!  I'd like to thank the little people, without whom I'd never have become the megalomaniac I am today...
Kim Dae-Rye - The Supreme   Spine-tingling folk pansori from the blind Jin-do shaman. A wonder of the world if you ask me. Not on YouTube, sadly.
Haden, RIP. Tommy Ramone, too.
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