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Good whisky prices (for Seoul)
Stumptown is NYC now
Yeouido, near the Conrad. Had a few min to kill before dinner & wandered in. Glenwood Bar. Awful old fashioned, then humored the dude with a dram.
The former. Nothing special, but dude is a raving malthead.
Well they can't give it to KAT yet huh
Really, though, I'm torn.   One one hand, I sorta reflexively root for underdogs. And I fucken LOVE Russell Westbrook--the most exciting, can't-look-away talent in pro sports today.   On the other hand, I'd really like to see a rematch of last year's GS/CLE finals but with a healthy Cavs team--Lebron alone made that a series last year, and with Kyrie, Love, and Frye, I could see a serious dogfight that would be an absolute pleasure to watch.   On the third hand...
 Funny thing about that gif is that it's eerily reminiscent of the kind of sequential "picks" GS always uses to get him open. You could find any number of similar clips of guys trying to chase him around and being bumped, grabbed, jostled, and shoved by GS players until miraculously Steph finds himself at the arc with no defender within 6 feet... Anyway, Russell Westbrook ist krieg. And Draymond, love him anyway, is looking pretty exposed. When he doesn't have WIDE open 3s...
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