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  Any way Canadians can get in on the deal by e-mail or by phone?
Just wondering if it is the "proper" way to tie the shoe laces for the eyelets to come close together such that the tongue is completely covered. I've been told both yes they should close completely and no, there's no standard look. Most of the time, it forms a V shape for me.
Any deals on Allen Edmonds shoe trees at the moment? Just bought a new pair of BB Fifth Avenues and need a pair of shoe trees. Does the AE Factory sell them cheaper than the MSRP ($25)?
An 8.5D fits me in terms of length (but pretty tight if I try to do closed lacing) but a 9D fits me better in terms of width but I have about 1.5 inches of toe space. Which size should I go for?
Can someone recommend a shoe polishing kit that works well yet not too expensive?
Any sales on Allen Edmonds lately? Looking to pick up at pair of Fifth Avenue...
Hi I'm new here at SF and I stumbled across some pics of a bespoke suit made from Zegna cloth. The red label says Zegna Tropical, but I cannot find any information on this fabric online nor on Zegna's website. Is it a real line of Zegna fabric or fake?   The link to the pictures below, just scroll down a bit for the label.   http://5i01.com/topicdetail.php?f=302&t=1930836&last=38388426
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