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if i wear a 9 in red wings what size should i get in danners?   also i see some only come in EE what should i do or should i just stick with the D width ones?   edit: my foot is a 9 on that measurement thing
waist: 32 thigh: 11 front rise: 9.5 back rise: 13.5   these are my measurements   im thinking about skull 5010 but i am having trouble in sizing since the measurements on BIG and and-japan differ so much,i hear that they are not as good anymore  since they changed the type of cotton,are there anymore options for low rise raw denim for me i want slim raw denim it can be straight or tapererd.   For referance apc new cures in size 30 fit very good, but...
What size in samurai 710s should i get? i wear size 30 in these : and i want these: and im getting them off here:
Really into vintage and raw denim, and workwear, any good films about this  subject ?
i bought weird guys in LHT sz 30 i wear 32x32 in 511s is this good or will it be too small, will it stretch out and be fine?
I bought a pair of slim guys broken twill jeans from naked and famous, i bought size 30, i wear a 32 in levis 511's will these fit, do they stretch? i hear a lot of conflicting info on this.
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