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  Roars' '08 Madness Double Rider Jacket. sigh.   http://www.roars.jp/shopping/08madness.html
I've had two, a Perfecto 613 and a 626. The 613 is pretty much squarish and boxy, made more for real riding than anything else. I really had an issue with the 'butterfly'-like sleeves, they were cut pretty huge. The leather is tough and takes a while to break into.   The 626 comes from their mid-weight collection. Leather's a bit softer (they say it's made from Icelandic cowhide), and the lining is just flannel compared to padded nylon (?) to the 613/618 etc.   Cutting...
 Yeah agreed, it sorta frays out at the bottom, being a 26" long jacket. And I sorta lost weight. Hence the second soak.
 I am assuming that what you got is a 654, which uses that waxy cowhide leather? Here's a pic of my 626, which uses the same leather after one soak in hot water for around 15-20 minutes. Didn't shrink much, but took off the shine quite significantly as you can see from the pictures (I had another new 626 at my shop, so I took a comparison photo of mine before selling the new one). Also included is a fit photo. My advice for this waxy cowhide leather is not to hang it to...
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