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hey silasya77   i got mine done at Pertama Complex, there's many Pakistani/Bangladeshi leather guys there on the first floor i think. I did my sleeves, changed the lining to satin for around RM150-180. Done it 3 times there, and they do a pretty good job.
Actually you're right it should point downwards. I guess what I meant was when the lapels are flat on the ground or unzipped. Notice how the SLP's top lapels are almost horizontal? Here's what i mean.        
Here's another one from Japan. Digawel double riders with white zippers.     The black one still available here.
Sorry just took that off the net. I believe that's a Schott 613US or 613UST/USS, so it should look like these. Basically what I'm trying to say is that Schott pretty much got the cut and angles of the lapels correct in my mind.  
I'd love to see how it looks like now. I'm a bit worried over the lapels. IMHO the lapels are what makes or break a leather jacket. For instance am not a fan of SLP or CDG double riders because their top lapels are almost horizontal. Most cheaper jackets also have the same issue for me. They should ideally point down, so that when it's all zipped up with the bottom lapels the top lapels actually look like regular collars, if that makes sense.  
Just sharing a few good looking double riders over at Zozotown to those who didn't get their TOJ fix. Amazing what some of the smaller less-known Japanese brands are churning out nowadays.       SEVESKIG     MR...
 I think it goes without saying that we should buy clothes that we could actually wear comfortably.
 Sorry my mistake. I think the newer 626s added a bi-fold back and removed the stars from the epaulets. (although I could swear I read somewhere that they adjusted the length of the 626 for the newer models, regardless of the '626' name.)
 I've had the earlier version of this Straight To Hell jacket. It's pretty nice leather, although not in the same league as Schott etc. The fit was OK but very very short. I believe they addressed the length issue with the version you posted above. Also if you're particular about your lapels, I really didn't fancy the way they sat on the jacket, very unlike Schotts. Also the fact that they had insulated sleeve liners made it a bit bulky in the sleeves. Having said that the...
 Yep I had a similar request in changing the liner with a satin liner similar to their Japanese 613USS model, but they told me they wouldn't do it. Even just requesting for the liner material was met with a no. I am assuming that they have to restore their jackets to 'stock' specs to avoid people selling them as expensive  'limited editions', one-offs, samples or 'special' defects perhaps.
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