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Quick Question.  Below is a photo of my favorite belt.  I have been unable to find another with a similar closing mechanic anywhere.   This is not a belt with a track system.  It is simply a belt without holes that closes with a pinch on the leather.     1.  Does anyone know where I can find a belt like this?  Please not this is not a mission belt or other track belt.   2.  If you do not know a place that may stock this type of belt, do you know what this type of...
Thomas Pink ties, $50.  Excellent Condition. 
New Sam Hober Solid Silk Ties.   Blue and Green are Grenadine Fina Solid Ties.  Burgundy is Grenadine Grossa Solid Silk Ties   I was expecting the colors to be different and don't want these ties to sit on my rack never used.    Tie Width = 2.5 inches Length = 60 inches   Please let me know if you're interested.  Happy to send additional photos.
PM me with an offer.  just want to sell them as I have two other pairs on order.  
I ordered the wrong size on this pair of meerwins and am willing to sell them for 400.  just send me a message if you're interested.  I never wore them, brand new in the box.  size 10.5 UK          
Just received my Sky Blue Micro Herringbone and Luxurious White from Luxire.  Sadly, there are multiple problems and am hopefully that Luxire will correct this.  And I haven't even tried them on yet...  is anyone else having these issues??  i'm getting worried that the deal may be too good to be true and i'll have to go back to Proper Cloth.     1.  The collars on both shirts are stained with a blue dot -- see attached photo.   2.  The white collar on the shirt...
  Dude.  Buy the shirt, don't buy the shirt.  Who cares if its from a Thomas Mason mill.     Almost all the shirts are priced to move around SEVENTY dollars with ZERO additional shipping cost.  And the customer service is absolutely amazing.  I've had to have the sleeves on the same shirt fixed twice (my fault both times) and they are like "no problem, send it back".   What more do you want from this company???
I have just received the shirts in the below picture and I can tell you Luxire absolutely destroys Cottonwork, Proper Cloth, and Indochino in terms of value, quality and price.  I have no idea how they can charge less than Proper Cloth and make a product that is easily more superior.   Luxire is the only company I will be ordering from in the future.     Seriously, if you are reading this and trying to decide to buy a Luxire shirt or not.  Just do it,...
  Can anyone tell me where I can find this fabric or even what this fabric is called?!?!  thanks so much!!!        
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