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Sounds suss. Whatev's - still need to see a fit pic... Otherwise I call bull
Benji: If this is the quality from their Bespoke Range...  [[SPOILER]]   I guess the proof is in the pudding. Can you can produce a fit pic?
Benji:I can see the uneven sleeve length. However, with his posture in the photo and the quality of the photo, I thought perhaps the jacket was not sitting square given that there is some wrinkling on the left shoulder and some puckering of the right sleevehead. Also, he either has a slant to the left or a dropped shoulder. [[SPOILER]] I think the rules are slightly relaxed for odd jacketing c/w suiting. In my recent trip to Milano, quite a few men tended to wear their...
I disagree with you and am with Stiva on this one.. I don't really get how you would want either a longer sleeve or a shorter jacket here...
Nothing beats natural patina. Nothing.
Man, Nigella was naughtier than I ever thought. I don't know if this makes me disgusted or the exact opposite...   http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/judge-clampsdown-on-nigella-lawson-cross-examination-after-geisha-girl-allegations/story-fnk822dn-1226776600700   Nigella, what have you got yourself into? lol geisha girl. Best line ever.
I use wooden hangers bought locally, even IKEA ones. As long as they are for jackets and have wider support for the shoulders. Odd trousers I hang by the cuff on clamp hangers also available at ikea. 50 bucks is pricy. Never use collar stays. Don't own a trouser press. Just hang by cuffs and the wrinkles come out.
You get to work on your credit rating...
Pinksocks and other lovers of Italian food: Started watching Two Greedy Italians on SBS. Great food show from the BBC! Is anyone here a fan/expert in cucina povera and can recommend another good series or book?  [[SPOILER]]  PS - highly recommended to watch before you go to Roma...
MS, just cuz you remove you posts doesn't make you as cool as vox. TBM demonstrates true next level sprezz.
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