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DR, good luck with the jacket. If it is not to basic standards (sounds like perhaps an error has been made), they will have to do a remake. In other news, first pair in over a year! Happy day. Forgive the quick and dirty photo, poor lighting etc. PS: DM have previously had some deer bones for sale.
Camel toe - acceptable and alluring Moose knuckle - gross as feck, and seen on many menswear blogs/tumblrs/IG accounts   Talk about our double standards...
Guys, any suggestions for interesting websites that do MTO crowdsourcing? Just checked out Gustin and looking to try a chambray. Has anyone ordered from them before and can comment on the quality to price ratio?   https://www.weargustin.com/store
Massive photo spread. Looking good, mate. Great colour on the Aldens!
Actually, I have heard of him from one of my anaesthetic friends who said he was solid as an alts tailor. Sad to hear. In other news, further proof that Bono is a wanker, wearing this to GC's wedding:  [[SPOILER]]
Learned about The Fappening from my brothers this weekend (I know, I am about 3 weeks too late). I'm surprised no one here has brought it up sooner - it's some serious "iCloud-security-is-shite"-shite! This, along with Bend-Gate - do you think Apple will suffer at all?   Also, decided to do a bit of a side project and refurb my 5 year old 15inch MBP. New RAM, battery, large SSD with cold install - costs way less than a new MBP or even MBAir. Has anyone else attempted...
Thanks, tbm. Loved the flash mob - way to propose! Aussies killing the Friday Challenge, eh? Well done, youse.
Cheers. Not mine unfortunately. It belongs to the gentleman who commissioned those Luxire safari jackets. Cruz Azal? I have only one watch - IWC mark XVI.
Thanks, gentlemen. Yes, pure stroke of bad luck. Very lucky to have had surgery asap at St Vincents. I am now a firm believer that their nursing staff are miles ahead of other public and private hospitals I have been to. The surgeons are good as well. ; p If I pass wind tonight, I will be very very happy.
This Luxire made jacket is so tempting. Foxy, have you ordered yours from BnT and would you mind PMing me the price? Just survived a perforated appendix with generalised peritonitis. Am looking to celebrate with a few purchases hahaha.
New Posts  All Forums: