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Fantastic photos and commentary, G!
They are in Japan and then going to HK for trunk show. Pretty low odds running into them - time to buy a lotto ticket!!
#direct_hit #angrygraduate Fit battle would be really good here.
I did get to Double Monk this arvo, and my brother in law picked up a pair of EG's (I am jelly!). Lots of cool MTO models. Some of the laced brogues looked so good, particularly in burnished olive, a colour I didn't expect to look as good as it did. I am really tempted by the picadilly, but I held my resolve and have remained a faithful member of the no-purchase club. Xavier from EG was nice to talk to as well. At this rate, I think they are in for at least yearly trunk...
Glad to know that it's not just me. Argh. Angry.
Just came across this Facebook page called Sprezzatura Australia - they seem to think it appropriate to just pull photos off tumblr and repost them as their own. Abhorrent.
The whole "no neck tie in hospital" was a 2007 decision in the UK and is based on poor evidence. Talking to young UK doctors, they have been allowed back in hospital. Here's a good article in rebuttable to the one posted by the Wraith.    http://www.idse.net/ViewArticle.aspx?d=Bacterial+Infections+%2F+MRSA&d_id=211&i=June+2011&i_id=733&a_id=17419   Personal experience, a clean and respectable dress does play somewhat of a role in developing good rapport. No one wants...
I agree that there are other good tailors, but no one else is offering MTM from a renowned Neopolitan tailor like Orazio. I have other jackets both RTW and bespoke HK, but am still the happiest with PJ...
This is my understanding. Romp can correct any wrong statements I've made, with my gratitude: Classic is made in the same factory as Roma, just via machine. Whether canvas or unstructured is not a factor, as previously stated. Also echoing others, unstructured/ no canvas is harder to do right. From my experience, hand finished has more perfect imperfections that tailoring geeks love. The machine made option is good for the price/more durable and I have tried the...
Kyoto - I loved Gion and Nishiki Market! GN sounds like an epic trip! I actually agree with settling things via fit battle. May the best fit pic win! Otherwise, moar fighting!!! Fight fight fight! Oli has the sharper tongue but is losing the good guy battle here. Free preservative artificial tears for the winner!
New Posts  All Forums: