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I thought it was that material. I guess you should ask them...
It's a shirt made in Airtex fabric.
Don't know, but the jacket is Maimone. (on collins street). His handywork is reportedly quite good (according to Tom).
Thoughts on these lapels and button choices?   Photo credit: Double Monk
Great write up and photos! Looking forward to the finished product
3 ply worsted from Loro Piana. I think I am being swayed away from LP, as I have heard from a good friend that VBC and Holland and Sherry are better mills... and certainly preferred over LP by the Armoury crew.
My submission for brown: [[SPOILER]]   Admittedly not a full length photo, but one I have on file...
Just wanna put my thumbs up for the 520 jean. Discontinued but I've got a pair from my brother. Great tapered fit.
Gazman: we are a society of sorts. Come to a forum meet and you will understand.
Gazman, I agree that PJ isn't bespoke, but you are being hung up over something grossly out of your/our control. Bespoke also doesn't necessarily mean better fit than a very well done MTM in my experience. What's your experience? Feel free to post some fit pics - that tends to turn us from disdain to love. (Well done, MS ;p) Otherwise, it is generally good forum etiquette to make introductions before coming in guns blazing. Amateur-tip.
New Posts  All Forums: