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Mezentius: I see what you did there...
I disagree - that ad is basically taking a giant consumerist dump on the memory of an artist. Typical and questionable Chinese behaviour as well: reject him when he was alive, but accept him as one of your own when it became profitable. Don't like drinking JW either, which doesn't help...
Agreed, dragon8. Kudos to the tailors for a job well done and also to the poster for good photography. However, there are a few logical fallacies here.    1. Unless this tailor has a specific clientele (politicians, etc. which I sincerely doubt), I find it hard to believe that there is such a thing in the current consumer environment as "not open to the public". Sounds more like an excuse on the part of the client(s) who frequent this forum to keep their tailors' details...
A gentleman never hides behind the claim of secret tailors. Do as you like. I think the second jacket shoulder is the clear winner with light canvas and thin shoulder pad. I am happy to remain in my ignorance and say that Chan or Yao or Y William Yu are able produce this level of jacketing.
The one up top looks better, yeah? I asked the same question in the HK tailors thread. We shall see...
Sweet jacket, Romp! Wear in good health.  Can anyone ID the HK tailor that has done these jackets? I grabbed these off the Merino Brothers facebook page, and my basic understanding is that they are a HK distributor for Harrisons, H Lesser, etc.   [[SPOILER]]  Unrelated side note - watched Prisoners on the laptop today. That movie gave me the heebie jeebies. Great acting by JG. Okay from HJ. 
Can anyone comment on Brown? Also, saw these on the Merino Bros facebook page today and I haven't been able to ID the tailor.Can anyone help? They look well-made. Shoulder is really good. My guess would be Yao... [[SPOILER]]
Looking forward to those pics. Sounds great. 
Looking BAWS there, LM
I agree with your fabric selection. Just thought that the construction could be improved with some pointers, that's all. I prefer my lapels to sit flush to the chest, with no bowing. And soft shoulder. Just one type of aesthetic, that people can either agree or disagree. No biggie. Enjoy the suits and post more fit pics
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