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I agree that the form of the EP sneakers could be better. Not as nice as buttero or feit...
My god, epic thread over at the EPXSF preorder. For those who kopped the EP cigar shell (JM, TC), I salute you! Best buy of the year!
Thanks, Pinky. I'll organize next one then! JM, the bones are very very oily.like butter-oily.
DR, good luck with the jacket. If it is not to basic standards (sounds like perhaps an error has been made), they will have to do a remake. In other news, first pair in over a year! Happy day. Forgive the quick and dirty photo, poor lighting etc. PS: DM have previously had some deer bones for sale.
Camel toe - acceptable and alluring Moose knuckle - gross as feck, and seen on many menswear blogs/tumblrs/IG accounts   Talk about our double standards...
Guys, any suggestions for interesting websites that do MTO crowdsourcing? Just checked out Gustin and looking to try a chambray. Has anyone ordered from them before and can comment on the quality to price ratio?   https://www.weargustin.com/store
Massive photo spread. Looking good, mate. Great colour on the Aldens!
Actually, I have heard of him from one of my anaesthetic friends who said he was solid as an alts tailor. Sad to hear. In other news, further proof that Bono is a wanker, wearing this to GC's wedding:  [[SPOILER]]
Learned about The Fappening from my brothers this weekend (I know, I am about 3 weeks too late). I'm surprised no one here has brought it up sooner - it's some serious "iCloud-security-is-shite"-shite! This, along with Bend-Gate - do you think Apple will suffer at all?   Also, decided to do a bit of a side project and refurb my 5 year old 15inch MBP. New RAM, battery, large SSD with cold install - costs way less than a new MBP or even MBAir. Has anyone else attempted...
Thanks, tbm. Loved the flash mob - way to propose! Aussies killing the Friday Challenge, eh? Well done, youse.
New Posts  All Forums: