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Slowdive, I have no effing clue what was actually written, but can gather that you are not used to the way forum members rip into each other. Both FH and JH (aka. MSy) have both kopped their share of abuse and have lived to post some great fits. I agree with the comment that by going with skinny fit, you have accentuated perceived said skinny-ness. Its a very street wear look and not necessarily classic menswear. But who cares? Wear whatever makes you happy! But if...
God, I hope this doesn't happen...   http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/telcos-back-internet-piracy-crackdown-20140831-10asrl.html
How do you edit comments on instagram?   Genuine question....
Wow, nice haul, FH. That would take away the blues any day. Wear all of them at once, lol. 
Wow, some absolutely amazeballs posts there! Thanks for the link, GN! Funny how someone commented on the overhanging Liverano shoulder as a fit problem. They absolutely have no friggin clue.... Aussie menswear bosses all round now - very proud to have overtaken the Swedes. GN and Romp should weigh in there and solidify our invasion =)   Pinkie, I haven't bought a hammer drill for our place yet. Just a regular cheapo drill....
Proctology is so not a word used anymore......
Thought it was an ok doco. Back into watching the AFI top 100. An American in Paris is way too good. 
Nabil, I cheaped out and got house fabrics for the first order. Still very good hand though. I might just stick to their house oxfords. Definitely wasn't planning to ball on Grandi or Alumo for the first batch. PapaR, they'll be coming once a year.... You could email or call them. Would be worth it, I think. 
Cheers, PapaR. 150 USD was the cost of the shirt. After exchange and delivery, it was still under 200 AUD. Ordered a polo as well, but not in the pique fabric (as it was expensive). 
Yes and no. Depends on the shirtmaker, or rather the fitter. AC hits the sweet spot. Not too loose and not too tight. I have tried others before.
New Posts  All Forums: