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Pretty happy with my Boxing Day buys. 3 BB striped BDs at 50% ($55 each) - they fit perfectly in the slimmer cut. I think I'm set for BDs this year.Uniqlo socks. Need a new pair of specs and will be asking my friendly optom today...  Obligatory macbook blurry photo: [[SPOILER]]
Hey, all. My Abbeyhorn comb suffered a fall from the sink and has fractured into 3 pieces. Looking for a good replacement. Thoughts on the best damned comb money can buy? I have ordered brushes from Kent before and they also do combs. Have a small Stratton to tie me over in the meantime.
Tapatalk. Triple post.
Tapatalk killed me x3
Sorry, chaps. Working late Thursday this week. Have an extra beer for me. Cheers.
There's also the metro-jack on the lumbersexual scale...
Time to switch topics: I played roulette on the weekend while waiting for a wedding reception at Crown and nearly doubled my money. Then played craps and came out even. Does anyone play craps and understand the alien language they speak? Also, for those going to Wear for Success at HB: anyone going in black tie? 
Public perception can be the hit or miss between hiring someone or not, including moving on up. This is my experience. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. To claim that it doesn't matter either means you are blessed in your job or your have no idea. With all due respect.
Looks awesome, CEP. Wear in good health.
Still waiting on my Cuenca. It better be good. Missing it for one of the hottest days so far...
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