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Learned about The Fappening from my brothers this weekend (I know, I am about 3 weeks too late). I'm surprised no one here has brought it up sooner - it's some serious "iCloud-security-is-shite"-shite! This, along with Bend-Gate - do you think Apple will suffer at all?   Also, decided to do a bit of a side project and refurb my 5 year old 15inch MBP. New RAM, battery, large SSD with cold install - costs way less than a new MBP or even MBAir. Has anyone else attempted...
Thanks, tbm. Loved the flash mob - way to propose! Aussies killing the Friday Challenge, eh? Well done, youse.
Cheers. Not mine unfortunately. It belongs to the gentleman who commissioned those Luxire safari jackets. Cruz Azal? I have only one watch - IWC mark XVI.
Thanks, gentlemen. Yes, pure stroke of bad luck. Very lucky to have had surgery asap at St Vincents. I am now a firm believer that their nursing staff are miles ahead of other public and private hospitals I have been to. The surgeons are good as well. ; p If I pass wind tonight, I will be very very happy.
This Luxire made jacket is so tempting. Foxy, have you ordered yours from BnT and would you mind PMing me the price? Just survived a perforated appendix with generalised peritonitis. Am looking to celebrate with a few purchases hahaha.
Navy PJ polo (older iteration, 1st gen I think) Pros: comfortable, interesting fabric, sporty slim cut, looks good when collar popped, soft collar Cons: holes after one year wear, prone to collecting (actual) dust due to high static, not as nice under collar of jacket (so really can only be worn Capri style or popped), no monogram AC polo Pros: MTM or bespoke, wide variety of pique and jersey fabric, one piece BD collar, monograms, cheaper than PJ if you pick jersey...
Grazie, GN
Just wanted to share a rough selfie from my A Chang delivery. Absolutely love this!  
PapaR. It was minimum order 3 shirts. They let me order two button downs and one polo. I had the first shirt delivered to check fit before delivering the other 2. You'll have the shirts nailed with the fitting. I had measurements only and Nelson did a standout job. So comfy.
Enjoy your trip, PapaR! Pick up some awesome Ring jacket blazers and update us with photos along the way Yeezus, MSy. What have you done...
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