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I think it's difficult to source someone who retails shurons in Australia. My brother had to order his overseas online (don't know which website). This means you may have to measure your own frame width and inter pupillary distance, which you can find the steps with google. OPSM was able to put lenses in for him, so should be able for you too. Just regarding fit and your script, it's important to get your pupils well centered in the frames. Reason: if decentred, you will...
Second that. My brother bought some shurons a while ago and they look great. Well made. 
Stan is the man. Best match so far. 
Some awesome tennis on right now. Epic. 
Looking good, Cox. Congrats to you both! Looks like you were having a great time =)
Great to see this thread rallying behind FH. Fox, I had a similar feeling during my Uni days. What kept me going was meaningful relationships with a few really true friends. Meeting my wife was a big part of the process and helped me mature some what. Personally, my happiness still is a daily inward choice and ideally not a product of outward factors/circumstances. That being said, having a job I like and a healthy marriage has definitely helped my choices. I still have...
Glad to see some progress on this thread. Please post photos, Shane, or it will be all for nought.    My disclosures: WWChan, Peter Lee, PJohnson, Boggi Milano, Al Bazar.
Photo: djsnaps: Blue perfection http://blazerandtie.tumblr.com/post/72447723639/djsnaps-blue-perfection Someone else reposted the photo - hate that, but the photo now had over a thousand likes. Someone did have the decency to reference weareallright in the comments.
NM's muji knit tie post has gone viral! You have a few female admirers as well...
 Urgh...For that price, I'd rather fly to Firenze and get Liverano bespoke. Tailor Caid as well. Also, way to go in verbally abusing your apprentices...
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