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I have been torrenting for the greater part of my adult life. Seeing the porn ads on thepiratebay is part of the routine now. Anything different feels out of the norm hahaha.
Just download it, guys. Pure and simple. Good Mad Men episode as well.
Surgically, any contact lens wear be it soft or hard lenses has a measurable effect on corneal curvature as evidenced by keratometry (Pentacam, orbscan, wavefront). This is why refractive surgeons will ask you to abstain from CL wear before surgery and before deciding how much to ablate. Regarding orthoK lenses, although they are presumably high oxygen permeability, I still think the cornea is hypoxic at night, so it wouldn't be something I would do personally.
Oh dear. I blame it on autocorrect. Also, I hate Mondays.
Regarding different prescriptions/glasses, it takes a few seconds to accommodate, and gives your a feeling of eyestrain. To the guy swimming with contact lenses in, you are playing with fire and it will be only a matter of time before the eye and ear hospital treats you for a contact lens keratitis. Get scripted goggles. Refractive surgery is a good thought but comes with it's risks and consequences...
Sounds like MTM if they pin a fitting shirt and suit. Not bespoke, sorry.
Those look absolutely effing beautiful! Congrats and wear in good health
Too good, Bateman.
Go, 'Straya! (Aussie, lol)
Really like your posts, Gianni. Much more constructive and illuminating than what the other guy is offering. Thank you from across the world in AUS.
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