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Thx, PapaR. But cannot move from my seat in the courtyard...   Any cool plans for 2015? More Ring Jacket, perhaps?
HNY, everyone!   Went to a close friend's home in Essendon to eat, drink, and be merry. Counted down with a hilltop view of the CBD's fireworks with about 15 of us, my wife and brothers included.  Then proceeded to get smashed playing a silly drinking game, trying to get the champagne cork to stand on end. Achieved the technique, then tried to get 2 corks to simultaneously stand on end. Played for 2 hours, mindlessly. Lots of cider, beer, and pinot.   Woke up this AM...
Looks like a versatile list! How about a penny loafer instead of string ones? Also hope to have a few more CJ's this year. We shall see....
A few extra pickups after Boxing Day: - Ice molds to make 2.5 inch spheres - for blended whiskeys and cocktails- A bottle of Lagavulin (effing awesome). No Hibiki 17 yr yet...- Wine rack for my mediocre collection. Using Vivino app to catalogue. Highly recommended app!- (probably overpriced) Panama from Lygon Street. I am still waiting for Panama Bob. It's getting a bit frustrating...- Beach chairs for the courtyard and gardens/grass near the house- Incoming new specs from...
When looking for Lux Fashion, thoughts turn to one famous blogspot - So High Fashion....
Pretty happy with my Boxing Day buys. 3 BB striped BDs at 50% ($55 each) - they fit perfectly in the slimmer cut. I think I'm set for BDs this year.Uniqlo socks. Need a new pair of specs and will be asking my friendly optom today...  Obligatory macbook blurry photo: [[SPOILER]]
Hey, all. My Abbeyhorn comb suffered a fall from the sink and has fractured into 3 pieces. Looking for a good replacement. Thoughts on the best damned comb money can buy? I have ordered brushes from Kent before and they also do combs. Have a small Stratton to tie me over in the meantime.
Tapatalk. Triple post.
Tapatalk killed me x3
Sorry, chaps. Working late Thursday this week. Have an extra beer for me. Cheers.
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