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A lot of the "tailor made" suits were certainly not made by an actual tailor. *Shudder. But, they had more fun than I did at the races, lol. Kudos for trying, but many many monstrosities. I agree with u, Coxie - the guy with the cane looked not bad. The guy with tatts is "apmmillions".
W. T. F.   
I personally like the look very much. I have one odd navy cotton jacket that I wear with selvedge jeans and loafers or brogues. Just wait for those FaDeZ....   watching a lot of TV today - The Bill Cunningham doco is excellent! 
Very "Tailor of Panama"!   Watching it now...  
Braintrust: thoughts on Gitman Vintage shirts? Can anyone weigh in?
Conduct yourselves with an amp-le amount of respect, gents.
Good day, gents. I *gasp* topy'd a pair of cleverley loafers which I have been wearing once a week for almost 2 years. The soles were wearing out. Rekaris has done an excellent job, but I am having some mixed feelings about it. Less slippage is a major plus. But there is some loss of aesthetic (covering the cleverey logo although most of it was scratched up anyways). I decided to topy my CJ monks as I've had a few close calls (almost did my knee a few times on the...
Many thanks, gents. Haha awks. Yeah, JM. It's a bit F-U but I wear it only on quite rainy days. Since buying over month ago, 2 wears total.
DR: No unwanted attention, believe it or not. Not noticed on public transport. People at work like it as well. It just blends in...
Was saved from wet shoes by my camo swims. Very happy with this purchase from Double Monk. But looks like it won't be needed for the arvo...
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