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Hey, all. For the denimheads out there, anything less than 12 ounces is probably viewed as sacrilege. However, I tend to overheat easily, and have been looking for a pair of lightweight selvedge to get me through warmer days.    Picked up a pair of these while on my trip in Toronto. They are the bomb. Highly recommend to size up, but they wear amazingly with a more cerulean tone than indigo. Will post some photos later on, but they have worked their way well into my...
Good interview, GN! I'm sure PS will get a few extra followers as well =) 
Looks like everyone had a good time! 
Anyone have photos from the SC meetup at PJ? Wasn't able to attend =(
Hey, guys.    Whilst I agree that that MJB DB suit is atrocious, I am going to stick my head out and say that dollar for dollar, the best value RTW right now is Suitsupply, hands down. The fabrics they have chosen for their odd jackets are of good quality for the most part. Some of the fabric selection is way out there (I saw a pink wool-hemp monstrosity in their Toronto store, but still cut nicely), but plenty have a more conservative appeal. I would have to say that...
How is everyone? On holidays for 2 weeks for a wedding in Toronto. Visited suitsupply and picked up two jackets at 450 each (Havana, gun club check and linen). I am actually quite impressed by the quality and price point. Fabric is E Thomas and some other Italian mill. Sleeves are a bit long, but cbf'd altering for now...  [[SPOILER]]   Finally, why have we not discussed this amazing John Oliver segment?   [[SPOILER]]
I am finding Vanda's marketing of their new grenadine a bit inconsiderate (and I'm not even Singaporean):    "As Singapore mourns the loss of our beloved founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, there is no better time to release our sombre Black Grenadine with this evening's collection to be launched at 0800hrs EST (2100hrs GMT +9)."   I would like a black grenadine tho... Conflicted...
I believe that wearing chunky shoes with tailored clothing is a personal preference. A good example: Liverano tends to wear the chunkiest of Aldens and he seems to pull it off elegantly. Both he and Taka wear and sell Aldens in their showroom. Didn't seem out of place to me when I was there...
Nice photos, LM. What r u shooting with?   btw, I have just discovered Haitus Kaiyote. Awesome band.
Well done. Thanks.
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