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I believe that wearing chunky shoes with tailored clothing is a personal preference. A good example: Liverano tends to wear the chunkiest of Aldens and he seems to pull it off elegantly. Both he and Taka wear and sell Aldens in their showroom. Didn't seem out of place to me when I was there...
Nice photos, LM. What r u shooting with?   btw, I have just discovered Haitus Kaiyote. Awesome band.
Well done. Thanks.
Good news: frantic emails from Robert profusely apologising and now awaiting delivery of cuenca. Will let you know the outcome.
I am sorry to say: it's been 5 months and no word from Robert since December 2014 with a short "I will check on this". I am sure his hats are good, but the service is horrendous. Good thing I only got stuck in for 50 bucks or thereabouts. I emailed him again - let's see what happens.
Whiskey. So worth it. We have a bottle of 18 yr Yamazaki thanks to my brother's friend. So good.
Guys, please....   You don't haffi dreads to be rasta  
Really enjoyed your photos, Foxy. Great trip. Great kops as well!
T, I am deeply sorry that this has happened to you and your family. The memorial in the Age was well-written, and I can imagine that we only comprehend a small portion of your tragic loss.   Wishing you strength and peace for Wednesday. Let me know if there is anything I/we can do.   Nath
Is there a similar place in Melb? Not as fortunate to have a XV but have had my XVI for 5 years...
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