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Go, 'Straya! (Aussie, lol)
Really like your posts, Gianni. Much more constructive and illuminating than what the other guy is offering. Thank you from across the world in AUS.
CoffeeDudeGuy: Thanks for the suggestions! Will try those mentioned beans. I saw a whole bunch of youtube clips for BulletProof coffee and it kinda scares me that you have to drink a shiteload of butter... Probably not a good thing for someone with a sedentary lifestyle like mine...
Plestor is Heisenberg...
Second Tailor Caid and United Arrows. Does Ring Jacket have a Tokyo store?
Any suggestions on beans? I tried a Colombian from St Ali, which had a lighter note. This Kenyan I'm on at the moment has a lot more tannic flavour.
How do you preinfuse 50g and then get 18.5g, Plestor? *nvm, just saw all the recipes on http://worldaeropresschampionship.com/recipes/
Anything with a PID is going to enable more control, I guess. Yeah, I need to get my brewing more exact, so will go pick up an electronic scale, but will hold off the temperature sensitive kettle until later. 92 degrees seems really hot to me, and anything past 85 for me extracts a bit more bitterness than what my palate likes. I stop right before the hiss, so probably go past the 5ml remainder mark. I might try your technique this weekend. Any other tips?
JM: I would buy a grinder for the Otto, it comes with an induction heater, probably because it was unpredictable on the stovetop. My current technique is inverse loading, 80 degree water, 2 scoops to number 2, 20 seconds seep, 30 seconds extraction with an Able disc filter, the Hario as you rightly pointed out, can only do coarse grinds but it's fine enough for press coffee. I occasionally fill to number 4 for Americana. Also like it.
Go local. Better service and you'll have less headache.
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