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Tip: Buy in Europe. Sweet kicks to be had (Hogan, etc.)   Only 3 votes for TBM to match TTO! Come on!!
Best. Outfit. Ever!
I've seen some Ring Jacket sportscoats there. Too chicken to buy without trying on...
Drove from my provided rental unit in Kingston today (kind of like the Brunswick/Carlton/Fitzroy of Canberra, I'm told) to Belconnen for a theatre list at Calvary. Beautiful drive! Some really nice scenery here, boys. Driving back down to TCH was good as well. Much warmer today. Can anyone suggest a good barber in Canberra? GFirmin gave me one suggestion - keen to have a few ones so as to have some choices.
Moved to Canberra over the weekend. Bloody cold. For GF and other SF'ers from Canberra, living in Kingston, which is nice.   No landline internet, which is not so nice. Residence managers are absolute *%&^%^##%@'s.    Everyone dresses so casually in The Canberra Hospital. Whatevs, gonna rock the clothes I brought with me...
Sometimes, a new car is just plain awesome. ;)   Happy to allow some depreciation if I'm driving like a boss. Life's too short.  PS: thoughts on the CLA AMG, Rob?
Great GoT ep. Mad Men was spot on as well. 
Thanks, GF.   PS, I saw it first on the Zimma tumblr, actually. Again, collar gap, argh! Am looking forward to the HB party. The new store looks pretty good. Really freshened up their look. 
Interesting mashup for dinner jacket. I cannot forgive that collar gap though. However, MB trumps that. Win. [[SPOILER]]
Hi, all. Gotta say that Muji and Uniqlo are just what Melbs needs! Quite a few good items including cardi's and chinos.    In other news, questions for our Canberra peeps: where are the cool haunts in our nation's capital? Will be staying there for 3 months... and will there be a meetup anytime soon? Hope everyone had a good Anzac weekend. The chill is getting to me...
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