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Public perception can be the hit or miss between hiring someone or not, including moving on up. This is my experience. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. To claim that it doesn't matter either means you are blessed in your job or your have no idea. With all due respect.
Looks awesome, CEP. Wear in good health.
Still waiting on my Cuenca. It better be good. Missing it for one of the hottest days so far...
From Men In This Town. Despite the shoulder issues, these guys are rocking it.
A lot of the "tailor made" suits were certainly not made by an actual tailor. *Shudder. But, they had more fun than I did at the races, lol. Kudos for trying, but many many monstrosities. I agree with u, Coxie - the guy with the cane looked not bad. The guy with tatts is "apmmillions".
W. T. F.   
I personally like the look very much. I have one odd navy cotton jacket that I wear with selvedge jeans and loafers or brogues. Just wait for those FaDeZ....   watching a lot of TV today - The Bill Cunningham doco is excellent! 
Very "Tailor of Panama"!   Watching it now...  
Braintrust: thoughts on Gitman Vintage shirts? Can anyone weigh in?
Conduct yourselves with an amp-le amount of respect, gents.
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