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If you are going to roll, a few other things I've read from http://www.panamas.co.uk/hats/hat-care-and-hat-rolling/   1. Buy the white panama, not the natural one 2. Need a finer grade weave. Thus, the 25 dollar Panama Bob just won't cut it.    I am finding that the photos of the Cabalero and Ceuncano blocks from Panama Bob's website make the wearers look like amateur golfers, as the height of the crown is bloody too high. I would be more inclined to order the Havana....
On the Tumi hats (which are Cuenca made), it appears people are rolling them frequently for travel (a feature I would want).    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tumi-Fair-Trade-Fedora-Panama-Hand-Woven-Ecuador-Fino-extra-fine-Grade-/330762735745?pt=UK_Hats&var=&hash=item7dbea94174
Re: Panama Bob   Are they rollable?
Strange - I was looking at Panama hats today as well. Any suggestions on where to buy? Visited City Hatters today - quite exxy overall, and the only foldable Panama they have is in the colonial style...   I have been looking at  http://www.panamas.co.uk/hats/men?cat=42 http://www.tumi.co.uk/panama-hats/panama-hat-fino-detail (with good reviews on amazon.co.uk)
Sorry, Vass lasts beat AE lasts hands down. I cannot effing believe we are even having this conversation lol
Herring must have a ton of aussies buying their shoes...
@Isolation, your Dream suits/garments are excellent. Stick with that. How many fittings were required and over what timeframe.
Well done, Foxy! Nice pick up, mate. I just missed you at DM. Tried out the unlined flex chukkas. Very very comfortable but needed to size down by a half. No color 8 longwings at the moment - have to get in the queue and also the Horween shortage debacle. Color 8 PTBs looked really substantial with double leather sole. Other styles included split toe derbies, one tassel in leather, one in suede. A few longwings in suede. Overall, good choice of styles - not doubling up...
Those G&G chukkas look so sleek. Gawd. My size. Must. Resist. Argh!
Nabil, those FEITs are pure money. I have been eyeing those since you, Guido, and others picked them up. Can you comment on sizing? Not too sure what they're doing with the split colour thing they got going on in the new collection.   Questions for the brain trust: 1. When can we expect Suit Supply to drop in AUS 2. When can we expect Eidos to drop in HB 3. Can you get CJ for RL in the Melbourne stores   Hope those in Melbs are enjoying the fekkin fantastic weather...
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