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Comparison to PJ? It's actually bespoke tho....
In light of all those requests for SS fits (see what I did there)...
Unspeakable acts, the most depraved crimes, etc. etc. of course. 
sigh, wish I could take such a long holiday. Enjoy and update us with some choice photos, please. We need to live vicariously... [[SPOILER]]
Looks good, Petepan
Nope. I wish they were Vass! W's posts in the various threads are making me crazy for a pair... Carminas in burgundy shell. Simpson.
Study day. Heading out to try a Filipino place for brunch. Hope you've all had a good weekend! *Nice wheels, Foxy. Sorry about the blurry 2nd pic. Samsung has its fickleness, sometimes producing nice shots like the first one and sometimes the exact opposite.
Q&A in Geelong was excellent to watch today. Geelong's mayor is a freaky looking Elton John!
Congrats, Pinky. Now be prepared for your house budget to absorb your clothing budget. I haven't bought a single thing since late April... but instead, had to hire electrician, plumber, buy new beds, get curtains. Still, loving it.
Morning, all. Haven't contributed for a little while. Beautiful morning in Canberra. I suggest the Canberra guys meet up at the trunk show. I would very much like to handle the HC sozzi ties (and also meet up). Have a great weekend!
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