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Sorry, PoP. Not funny.
Great customer service from SuSu...   Bought 2 Hudson jackets prior to the AUD switch (the orange rust in Carlo Barbera, and waiting for the blue wool hemp). Rust jacket is my all time favourite and very lucky that 36 fits me near perfectly. Still cold enough for wool cashmere, thank goodness.    Anyways, calculated that I paid a difference of 380 AUD. After emailing SuSu staff, got an email in 12 hours saying "sorry" and was immediately refunded the...
guys, what do you reckon about lean garments? Want to try the denim....   http://leangarments.com/collections/ocbd
There are no sales at DM. American Tailors do, but you've already been there...
Well done, FA. I have been hassling Robert to the point that he has offered me a refund. No cuenca at all in sight. Can u post some photos when u can? Cheers.
Most comfortable shoes - C&J Cardiff on the 325 last. Despite having double leather soles, they were easily broken into, and now hands down most comfortable.   I also have a confession to make - I have purchased the pebble grain DM's (Harrogate, 341 last) but in a half size smaller than the other CJs that I have, due to the round toe. Initially slightly uncomfortable, but getting heaps comfy now after breaking in another double leather sole.
Looks good. Well done! Attractive price point as well...
Randy: depends on which models you want. I would go Enzo Bonafe with Skoak or EG with DM. Try before buying is probably going to lead to less headache, so maybe wait until you do your Melb trip   Jimmy: use the new laptop   Everyone: Sadly, today marks the end to one of my favourite shows. Just waiting for the torrent...  
Just binged on True Detective. TV at it's best by a long shot. Anyone can vouch for Peaky Blinders?
So effing cold today. Thank goodness for Inverallan. I somewhat regret not ordering a shawl, but the 3A notch is still interesting enough. Very blobby fit tho, for anyone considering this scottish knit...  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: