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Morning, all. Haven't contributed for a little while. Beautiful morning in Canberra. I suggest the Canberra guys meet up at the trunk show. I would very much like to handle the HC sozzi ties (and also meet up). Have a great weekend!
Just caught up. Eidos coming to Aus is effing big news. Big up to Cecil and Kimber on this. Cannot wait to sample the goods!
Looks very comfy, CD. Complimenti!
This is going back a few posts - the MUJI store is pretty cool. Probably not as well done for clothes as Uniqlo. Did pick up some white sneakers for cheap tho and their homewares are pretty cool. 
The only other SF debacles I remember include Ambrosi heckling Foo and Solito being MIA (but he was unwell).
I guess the possible learning point is: buy infrequently, buy in small quantities. Hope the ties work out for you, ovlov.    Mods seem to have done something - ie. SNapoli. I found his writing chaotic, frenic, psychopathic... but I couldn't look away...
Just caught up with the PC thread. omgz, good reading and just generally hilarious.   Good posts, ballsackie. Learning about rimjobs and your new penchant for very very small font. Complimenti.
Tip: Buy in Europe. Sweet kicks to be had (Hogan, etc.)   Only 3 votes for TBM to match TTO! Come on!!
Best. Outfit. Ever!
I've seen some Ring Jacket sportscoats there. Too chicken to buy without trying on...
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