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Glad to know it's not just me... Also, she abhors my instagram addiction.
It was a sample from PJ in Tom R's size. He's at least a head taller, and I would go patch pockets for sure.just trying it on for fun. Showed my wife the photo and got stern looks lol
Had my dinner jacket altered but couldn't resist this. I am looking for a linen blazer for spring and summer. Decisions....
PapaR, are those the RJ's? Looking good, my friend.
All sorted with PanamaBob! He was very relaxed and easy to deal with. All up about 70 bucks. Can't wait for it to arrive. Nabil, looking good, mate.
Panamabob said "sure." Single word emails, but quick replies.    Check out the $25 hat on http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?78892-Panama-Bob-s-25-Cuenca Still looks pretty good to me.
Good question: goddamn.   Emailed Robert many many times. Wish me luck...
Ordered Grade 1 Brisa Cuencano - check Ordered Espadrilles - check   Thanks to lachy - Summer, come at me.
Panamabob (Robert) has also replied (albeit very short, point form answers)   Count is performed on the crown (I'm not sure which bit) For travelling and rolling, he suggests the 25 dollar white Cuenca.  "Any white cuenca will roll. Most natural hats over $150 will fold over nicely."   That's set. I'm getting the white 25 buck Cuenca in Cuencano.
They replied straight away:   We don't give grades or weave counts to our hats – the count at the crown and it will often be two or three times the count at the rim (particularly with a fino hat).  We find that grade numbers are just too subjective (one person’s grade 10 is another person’s grade 15 – there is no recognised standard for measurement). Our hats are Brisa.   I wonder where Panama Bob does his weave counts.
New Posts  All Forums: