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From Men In This Town. Despite the shoulder issues, these guys are rocking it.
A lot of the "tailor made" suits were certainly not made by an actual tailor. *Shudder. But, they had more fun than I did at the races, lol. Kudos for trying, but many many monstrosities. I agree with u, Coxie - the guy with the cane looked not bad. The guy with tatts is "apmmillions".
W. T. F.   
I personally like the look very much. I have one odd navy cotton jacket that I wear with selvedge jeans and loafers or brogues. Just wait for those FaDeZ....   watching a lot of TV today - The Bill Cunningham doco is excellent! 
Very "Tailor of Panama"!   Watching it now...  
Braintrust: thoughts on Gitman Vintage shirts? Can anyone weigh in?
Conduct yourselves with an amp-le amount of respect, gents.
Good day, gents. I *gasp* topy'd a pair of cleverley loafers which I have been wearing once a week for almost 2 years. The soles were wearing out. Rekaris has done an excellent job, but I am having some mixed feelings about it. Less slippage is a major plus. But there is some loss of aesthetic (covering the cleverey logo although most of it was scratched up anyways). I decided to topy my CJ monks as I've had a few close calls (almost did my knee a few times on the...
Many thanks, gents. Haha awks. Yeah, JM. It's a bit F-U but I wear it only on quite rainy days. Since buying over month ago, 2 wears total.
DR: No unwanted attention, believe it or not. Not noticed on public transport. People at work like it as well. It just blends in...
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