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Although yfyf (mark) wears it very nicely, I find (purple) gingham to be too busy against lighter suiting. My preference is a nice light blue stripe.
 Bump Any guys out there have this as a suit? Hoping it doesn't suffer from the same issues as the blended fabrics immediately posted above...Do you think that the fabrics from named mills are less likely to pill?
Can anyone comment on this Havana jacket/suit? http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/jackets/havana-navy-plain/C4760.html Looking for a 4 seasons navy blazer suit for Australian summer... Just wondering if any of you blokes have bought it and your thoughts on the fabric performance. I have 2 Havana and 2Hudson jackets. Love them both.
They don't carry stock - they have a preorder process. Some of the items are limited to 40 or 50 orders. Run by 2 swedish uni blokes. Very good customer service and hoping to pick up the next lot of chambray BDs. Quite the growing pseudo Ivy style store...Btw, Kyrgios is such a douche... wtf is wrong with him?
Haven't worn the university stripes or the white OCBD but they both feel like good fabrics with a nice thick weight. Probably not thomas mason but quite nice and at least better than my BB oxford. Photos of guys wearing the shirts are on instagram with #leangarments.
Not sure about FXH's delivery, but I received my 30 dollar shirts from Lean Garments.  They are effing awesome for the price. Better than Uniqlo and Muji BDs. Nice roll out of the bag. I think I am set for cheap BDs forever....  [[SPOILER]]
Fukk Suits - Peaky Blinders is where it's at
TBH, Jason, last year when you had that trunk show with BT, I had a nagging feeling that the owners were a bit like used car dealers (one of them had failed out of med). You and other forum members were dressed to a high standard, but there were collar gaps, Aquila shoes, and just poor tailoring standard all around. Good riddance, sounds like a blessing in disguise. 
Prob not as bad as TOJ but after almost a year, I have still not received Panama Bob's cuenca.   60 AUD down the drain... I guess I'm lucky I didn't order the 200 one...
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