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sigh, wish I could take such a long holiday. Enjoy and update us with some choice photos, please. We need to live vicariously... [[SPOILER]]
Looks good, Petepan
Nope. I wish they were Vass! W's posts in the various threads are making me crazy for a pair... Carminas in burgundy shell. Simpson.
Study day. Heading out to try a Filipino place for brunch. Hope you've all had a good weekend! *Nice wheels, Foxy. Sorry about the blurry 2nd pic. Samsung has its fickleness, sometimes producing nice shots like the first one and sometimes the exact opposite.
Q&A in Geelong was excellent to watch today. Geelong's mayor is a freaky looking Elton John!
Congrats, Pinky. Now be prepared for your house budget to absorb your clothing budget. I haven't bought a single thing since late April... but instead, had to hire electrician, plumber, buy new beds, get curtains. Still, loving it.
Morning, all. Haven't contributed for a little while. Beautiful morning in Canberra. I suggest the Canberra guys meet up at the trunk show. I would very much like to handle the HC sozzi ties (and also meet up). Have a great weekend!
Just caught up. Eidos coming to Aus is effing big news. Big up to Cecil and Kimber on this. Cannot wait to sample the goods!
Looks very comfy, CD. Complimenti!
This is going back a few posts - the MUJI store is pretty cool. Probably not as well done for clothes as Uniqlo. Did pick up some white sneakers for cheap tho and their homewares are pretty cool. 
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