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That's it, GN.    Thoughts on Uniqlo linens?
Looking at tumblr, JayH's BnT looks great! Well done.
Voted! Good Aussie representation =)
 Not sure when it will come in. Bob answers emails in single words on his iPhone, albeit very quickly (which is great). Once it comes in, will post pics. My espadrilles have shipped already from the UK. Hoping he finds me the softest white cuencano cuenca that fits like a dream and rolls easily for travel. 
Sweet hat, GN! Deets? Waiting for Panama Bob's cuenca hat is killing me...   Jason, looking forward to seeing the linen suit. Please post fit when it comes =)
Glad to know it's not just me... Also, she abhors my instagram addiction.
It was a sample from PJ in Tom R's size. He's at least a head taller, and I would go patch pockets for sure.just trying it on for fun. Showed my wife the photo and got stern looks lol
Had my dinner jacket altered but couldn't resist this. I am looking for a linen blazer for spring and summer. Decisions....
PapaR, are those the RJ's? Looking good, my friend.
All sorted with PanamaBob! He was very relaxed and easy to deal with. All up about 70 bucks. Can't wait for it to arrive. Nabil, looking good, mate.
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