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Glad to see some progress on this thread. Please post photos, Shane, or it will be all for nought.    My disclosures: WWChan, Peter Lee, PJohnson, Boggi Milano, Al Bazar.
Photo: djsnaps: Blue perfection http://blazerandtie.tumblr.com/post/72447723639/djsnaps-blue-perfection Someone else reposted the photo - hate that, but the photo now had over a thousand likes. Someone did have the decency to reference weareallright in the comments.
NM's muji knit tie post has gone viral! You have a few female admirers as well...
 Urgh...For that price, I'd rather fly to Firenze and get Liverano bespoke. Tailor Caid as well. Also, way to go in verbally abusing your apprentices...
Lol streetminimal. Was not at airport at that time.....
Fantastic shell boots. Wear in good health.
Looking forward to seeing the pics. Good luck with your commission. We are not trolls however. Everyone who has replied previously is a bonifide Aussie member with exception of PKL, Benji and yourself.
Shane, if you are needing advice about Perth menswear, I suggest you post in the Aussie Members forum rather than continue on in this Germanicos forum. And for the record, do you have any disclosures? For the record...
Sounds suss. Whatev's - still need to see a fit pic... Otherwise I call bull
Benji: If this is the quality from their Bespoke Range...  [[SPOILER]]   I guess the proof is in the pudding. Can you can produce a fit pic?
New Posts  All Forums: