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Yes and no. Depends on the shirtmaker, or rather the fitter. AC hits the sweet spot. Not too loose and not too tight. I have tried others before.
Love the cordo PTBs, FH.    The first of my AC BD's came in at the reception desk at work! Love the collar roll...... Best. (shirting) decision. ever.  
Thanks for weighing in, Stiva and Rob! Cheers.
Good to know. Keen to try a dram... Also, people's experience re: Meermin loafers - any insights? This is on the MTO list.
Great photos, GN! Has anyone tried Bruichladdich single malts?
Hi, guys. Watching this series at the moment. Highly recommended. Probably on pair with the first season, and in better locations!  [[SPOILER]]
Awesome, GN! looking forward to seeing those! Ascot Chang shirts coming my way. Plus art shopping today...
Thanks, Pink. Looking forward to future beverages with conversation. I leave you with my vantage point from the airport where I am tethered to one of the few powerpoints. Thanks, Jason. Hippo Bar for your next CBR members meetup. They have way too many good single malts.
Beautiful day in Canberra. Just packed up and signed out of TCH, now awaiting flight back to melbs. Hit up a few cool places: Hippo Bar for end of term drinks, and Lonsdale Street Roasters this am. Have to say they have matched up to Ona beans. Well done. Gonna miss Canberra.
Thank u. Cedar ordered!
New Posts  All Forums: