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Grazie, GN
Just wanted to share a rough selfie from my A Chang delivery. Absolutely love this!  
PapaR. It was minimum order 3 shirts. They let me order two button downs and one polo. I had the first shirt delivered to check fit before delivering the other 2. You'll have the shirts nailed with the fitting. I had measurements only and Nelson did a standout job. So comfy.
Enjoy your trip, PapaR! Pick up some awesome Ring jacket blazers and update us with photos along the way Yeezus, MSy. What have you done...
Coxy. Best. Quote. Ever.
Skeen, you're talking to the wrong crowd. Square bottom untucked? It looks unkempt and hardly professional. I almost always tuck mine in, but I also wear an odd jacket. Sorry. No soup for you.
Slowdive, I have no effing clue what was actually written, but can gather that you are not used to the way forum members rip into each other. Both FH and JH (aka. MSy) have both kopped their share of abuse and have lived to post some great fits. I agree with the comment that by going with skinny fit, you have accentuated perceived said skinny-ness. Its a very street wear look and not necessarily classic menswear. But who cares? Wear whatever makes you happy! But if...
God, I hope this doesn't happen...   http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/telcos-back-internet-piracy-crackdown-20140831-10asrl.html
How do you edit comments on instagram?   Genuine question....
Wow, nice haul, FH. That would take away the blues any day. Wear all of them at once, lol. 
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