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Lean garments preorder opened last night. I ordered one of everything =) Also, has anyone ordered and worn astorflex desert boots - if so, could you comment on quality and fit?  [[SPOILER]]
Hey, all. Wandered into uniqlo yesterday and picked a pair of their reportedly selvedge straight leg jeans for 40 bucks. Great value. Not sure about the actual denim quality, but there are a few photos out there of good fades. very comfy.... Picked a few disposable sweaters as well.....
I would be up for 7 UKs! Btw, saw TC on SBS news just now. Good representing, mate!!
 I cannot believe you got him to ship you a hat! He is ignoring all my emails. I have still yet to receive it. Mutha........ *I just re-emailed him. I hope he replies....
http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/jackets/havana-navy-plain/C4760.html Link above.
Ordered the Lanofico Traveller navy havana with brescia trousers. Very happy with the fabric quality - good texture and very wrinkle resistant. Sent off for hemming. So will report back after a few wears.
Argh, stuck in NZ until Sunday. How long is the sale going for? Hopefully some 7's left but I'm not hopeful...   md2010, where do you get your Stile Latino gear? PM if appropriate. Many thanks. 
Gino, show me a photo of your pristine cotton chinos without creasing after at least half a day of wear, then I might take you more seriously....
Thoughts on the new PJT glamour shots? Would like to know if I am alone in my assessment.... https://pjt.com/gallery  [[SPOILER]]
Just saw Paolo Sorrentino's new flick "Youth". Pretty epic. Similar to The Great Beauty. I think Attolini is used again by costume, but not 100% sure.   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3312830/?ref_=nm_knf_i2
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