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md2010, I think you have a field jacket addiction, mate!   Everyone else, just want to say that Stranger Things is so so so good. Well done, Netflix! Pure 80's Nostalgia! 8 binge-able episodes =)  
DR, I don't think we could be friends in real life....   TBM, you are awesome.
Hey, all. Has anyone bought anything from the Monocle online shop? Some things look quite good, but horridly expensive. Just wondered what your experiences were.....   Cheers, N
Another question for the group (sorry to bother): anyone have Pointer Brand chore coats? Putthison did a small blurb and they are having a "sale" at the moment...   -N
Has anyone purchased from Taylor Stitch before? Experience and thoughts?
Isn't it called "dead horse"?
Thewatchgallery on little collins. That's where I changed straps. It may have been 10 clams....
JM, I get what you are trying to say... but....   Making this my last point:   I guess, with shoes (and life in general), there are many elements which are unseen but are perceived contributors to quality, for those so inclined.   Another good example would be a beveled waist. Again, if you spent X hundreds to get that sexy beveled waist (on a part of a shoe that no one sees but you), why the eff wouldn't you get the flush toe taps? Putting on a plastic crescent tap...
Drape was a term that I thought was reserved for jacketing or suiting. Not sure if such a term could apply to casual items like polos...   I think it looks great, comfortable/casual yet still refined. Keep rocking it!
I think if someone has spent X hundreds of dollars on their EG's or CJ's, AND they really wanted the look of flush toe taps, they WOULD spend 100 bucks and ship their shoes interstate. It's quite reasonable to get the desired aesthetic, and I don't get what the joke is. The words "cheap and durable" do not factor into the equation, and looking better while achieving desired function is arguably better performance.    Also, can't help but feel that the author of that...
New Posts  All Forums: