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Does NSM still visit SF?
What's the difference between the Meccariello and Aurum lines?  Maybe I missed a post on Antonio's tumblr or one of the posts here, but there seems to be enough variation with both lines that the differences aren't entirely clear.
Haven't had a problem with Mina or Dino. On the contrary, they've been great to work with. I just have some late order changes if I can get them in on time.
Sorry, I don't get the reference...
They've been slow to respond to emails and I believe I know why. I just need to make a quick call.
Is there another # I can reach NSM? I can't seem to reach them with the one on their website.
Thanks for the advice. I shipped using USPS, which contracts FedEx.
Sorry if this is too off topic, but wasn't able to find meaningful advice after hours on Google. I shipped a few jackets for alterations to the maker in Italy. These were purchased in the US during one of the tailor's trips. I had declared a value of $6,000 USD with the note that the jackets were being sent back to the country of origin for repair. Customs is assessing duties and taxes of 1,790 Euros. Do I have any options to dispute this assessment?
Thanks.  Is their standard typically 3 to 4 fittings?  How many fittings for subsequent orders have you had once you've nailed down your fit with a commission?
What's the turnaround if I were to travel to Korea this summer?   I'm also in for NY.
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