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Thanks for the advice. I shipped using USPS, which contracts FedEx.
Sorry if this is too off topic, but wasn't able to find meaningful advice after hours on Google. I shipped a few jackets for alterations to the maker in Italy. These were purchased in the US during one of the tailor's trips. I had declared a value of $6,000 USD with the note that the jackets were being sent back to the country of origin for repair. Customs is assessing duties and taxes of 1,790 Euros. Do I have any options to dispute this assessment?
Thanks.  Is their standard typically 3 to 4 fittings?  How many fittings for subsequent orders have you had once you've nailed down your fit with a commission?
What's the turnaround if I were to travel to Korea this summer?   I'm also in for NY.
First off, I'm not a shill.   Second, I've used Requisite in the past for my first experience into custom and I ended up getting them adjusted with a bespoke tailor I had moved onto after.  I suppose it's part of the learning experience.   My recommendation is to save up and go with Chan or Richard Lim.
Nick, are you still taking MTO requests?
I'm deciding between H&S 250g 100% linen (164201) and Loro Piana 230g 55% linen / 40% wool / 5% silk (sorry, don't recall the pattern #) for a summer suit.  Has anyone seen / tried either fabric?  My impression is that the LP feels nicer, but the H&S feels more durable.
Long time lurker here and my first post!  Thanks for everyone providing advice.  I've learned so much from this thread.   2 bespoke suits from a local tailor.  Please click to enlarge.   Navy birdseye.       Gray solid.       Thank you for any feedback you could provide!
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