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About 1 fitting per week to 10 days
I was in Seoul for a month and got fitted the moment I landed.  Even then the process was a bit rushed.
Used the same IBAN to make a payment earlier in the year and TransferWise still won't let me transfer. Very strange...
Are you also based in the US?  TransferWise confirmed they can't send USD to the IBAN provided by AM.
Does TransferWise still work?
I plan on visiting Korea soon.  Any suggestions on places to visit for bespoke / high quality clothing and shoes?   Already have an appointment with B&Tailor and plan to visit Zimmermann & Kim.  Thoughts on maison steady-state?
I plan to visit Seoul very soon. What's the best way to reach someone at B&Tailor for a commission?
Does NSM still visit SF?
What's the difference between the Meccariello and Aurum lines?  Maybe I missed a post on Antonio's tumblr or one of the posts here, but there seems to be enough variation with both lines that the differences aren't entirely clear.
Haven't had a problem with Mina or Dino. On the contrary, they've been great to work with. I just have some late order changes if I can get them in on time.
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