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So what are y'all normally wearing Ranger Moc's. with? I'm new to nice shoes and am struggling to find something to fill the roll of my old slip on Born/Kenneth Cole/Rockport crap shoes. I work in a pretty casual, blue collar atmosphere and my Alden LWBs feel too dressy. Have a nice pair of 1000 Miles, but want some variety. Usually wear jeans or casual chinos with a polo or button up. I love my Sperrys with shorts but cant dig them with long pants. Thinking about Ranger...
Shoe trees still available today for $8.75 each
Y'all see the new Baxter Ranger Moc today? Finally a way to get the Aspen sole a little cheaper than a custom order. I'm seriously thinking about ordering a pair in brown cxl.
+1 Still trying to decide between Aspen LH and the camp sole for my Ranger Moc's.
Thanks for the quick reply. Is there any cushion built into the insole at all? I'm sure I need to quit over thinking this and order a pair. Just trying to make them as versatile as possible where I can wear them to work with jeans or chinos plus sockless on the weekends with shorts and jeans.
So how comfortable are the standard camp soles? Seems like most opt for the RLH or other optional soles? I'm looking to buy a pair of Ranger Mocs and am trying to decide between the regular camp sole or the new Reltex Aspen. The camp soles look so thin, is there any cushon at all? Just unsure about how any of the thicker soles would look with shorts.
Half off, today only.
Same here.  Finally started buying quality shoes, need some trees.  They're 40% off today, $15 each.  I'm holding out for the 3 for 1 sale.
Got my size 9.5 (my normal size) replacement pair in yesterday and they fit perfect. With light, summer weight hiking socks they're snug on the sides and top with zero heel slip straight out of the box.
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