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Looking for the white one with the plain UU without eyes, or with the one with UU in the TV. I'm a size XS.
Any advice for sizing on OCBDs? I'm 5'8, 128 lbs
I heard Everlane was going to start shipping to Canada, anybody know if/when that is happening?
I have a 36" chest, 15" neck, and 32.5" sleeve, which size slim OCBD should I get? I'm a different size for each measurement: (size chart). I think I need an XS for the correct sleeve and length (I'm 5'7 130lbs), but would it be too small in other places? vs It's 74% wool instead of 80%
Is the uniqlo pea jacket any good, or should I wait for the normal peacoat to restock (if ever)?
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