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Cool Thank you!   BTW do you think its tacky if i wore a small gold brand lable pin on my suit blazer?
Hey guys i just wanted to ask there is a NYE party that is themed black & gold. I was wondering if an all black suit w/ black button down shirt will be acceptable? Im debating between a black shirt or white but mostly thinking black with no tie. 
Sorry for the bad pic its because the picture was taken from an angle down. The pants are black. Yeah now that im looking at the shoulder i think i need to get a jacket with a slightly more wider shoulder
The original plan was a blue suit but since i rarely attend formal things or weddings i didn't want to spend so much. So i went with this combo grey top with slim pants. Its not a super/proper wedding so i went with something casual?   Jacket - im normally a 44r but this jacket i sized down to a 42r for a slimmer looking fit. The shoulders and arms fits well but the stomach/mid area i can probably get it tailored for a more slimmer fit.   pants- super slim fit 36/30. I...
^BUMP   Can anyone tell me how do i know i will get my right pant sizing off of suitsupply? It doesn't even give you an option of waist size.
NIce! Well i see that i can pick the suit but what about the pants? I don't see any options to choose?
Hey guys!    The last time i posted here i took your advice and bought a slim fit charcoal suit for a wedding. Now i have a friends wedding to attend in mid November. Its starts at 6 o'clock in the evening. I don't no longer have that grey charcoal suit and also im kinda on a budget since i know it will be even a longer time i will even wear the suit again.   I was wondering if you guys can recommend  how to go about? Im 6'2'' 120lbs and i was thinking maybe some...
^^ Thanks! Its charcoal but i need to get a regular grey suit sometimes.
I was thinking the same with no vest lol. I never knew simple suits have so much little detail that i tend to miss like the collars and such. Yeah i was looking for some ties online right now... just dont know which kind to go with. Im not trying to get anything from Express or whatever so im still looking. The tie that you linked looks nice. I suck when it comes to formal menswear.
Hi guys! Well i decided to just wear my charcoal suit to this wedding that is finally coming up in 2 weeks. I was wondering just keep it simple with a white button down and a solid color tie with no vest?
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