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Just received my Longwing shells.  (This one:  https://www.meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=125 )   I got a UK 9 which feels a little big, but I prefer a little space rather than feeling tight.  Perfect craftsmanship, no flaws.  Smells amazing!   I'm surprised they have a bit of a patina/fade to them which I didn't expect, but I'm fine with.   Showed them off to two shoe guys in the office (brought them in to just wear on the carpet to break in) and got lots of...
Holy crap, halfway to sold out in under half an hour! I think I'll go .5 down and get a 9, I beat my feet up playing soccer and such and like to be comfy.
Just realized the email said 14:00 GMT which was 11 minutes ago, which is why we didn't see it until just now. In like flynn, baby! Quick question though, I'm about a 9D in the Alden Barrie last.  Definitely have a wider foot and am comfy in a 9.5 D/E in many US sizes.  What size/last should I go for in Meermin?  If anything I'd prefer a looser fit, even a little looser than Barrie is better than tighter. EDIT:  the longwing shells are on the RUI last.  How does that...
Got an email yesterday that the Cordovan gunboat MTO is opening today, but I don't see it on their MTO list today yet.  Anyone else get that email?  Definitely interested if so.
Oh man I can't believe I missed that Japanese Cordovan gunboat group buy.  Those are some awesome shoes.  Would go well with my Aldens.  :(
Do you mean who owns it or who sells it?   I just got a pair like a week ago from Hunt Club clothiers in Cincinnati.
Thanks for the tip on the executive.  Going to order some now.
Thanks for the input.  Like I said, the wind was blowing which I think makes them look longer but they are probably still a tad long.  I'll take another pic some time soon.
For shell, that's an excellent price.
#8 LWB Maiden Voyage   I got them from Hunt Club Clothiers in Cincinnatti on sale, from pre-increase prices (I bought them literally the day before the price increase).  Not saying exactly what deal I got but they took good care of me.   These shoes are a dream to wear.  I never want to take them off my feet.     Wind was blowing so I think it made the trousers drape funny.  Let me know what you think.
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