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Thanks Panzeraxe :)    To address the comment anyway - I've followed several threads on this forum where other members have used the exact same tailor and posted pictures of their work-in-progress items, and have got some very constructive input - some based on personal preferences, some based on objective observations of the pictures which the poster may not even have noticed. I even saw a fellow member  "enhance" a picture to illustrate what would be (in his mind) an...
  Hi, I think I myself got confused with the terms given it's my first time. As you said, we did indeed do a jacket fitting before on a different material for my first fitting, as in this picture. And then in the latest jacket fitting from my initial picture we used the actual cloth (but had not done so for the pants yet because we were still deciding how tapered they should be)    
Hi terrorsquad,   Yes it's Iris. This is the first fitting on the actual cloth (already did on the baste to decide on tightness, length etc.), and I'm under a tight timeline so won't have time to do many subsequent adjustments after the next fit. Thus I thought I'd get a "3rd person" perspective early. Appreciate any comments on the more complete version in the next round of pics. Thanks! 
Hi, sorry I wasn't exactly accurate - we already did a baste fitting and made initial decisions on length and tightness etc. This is the first fitting with the actual cloth, and I believe the next one should be the 2nd last. Will post the pictures after that fitting. Thanks!
Sorry, I meant I am having the suit made!
Hi all - my first time making a bespoke suit - any critiques would be much appreciated!   Pictures here are work in progress, first fitting for the jacket. Pants not yet cut with actual cloth (currently slightly too tapered and have asked for a slightly straighter leg).        Noticed that my left shoulder is naturally lower the right. Also here the left sleeve appears longer than right, perhaps due to the uneven shoulder?       I noticed the...
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