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I've had them for about a year.  I don't wear them all that often as the weather here isn't usually suitable.  I haven't had any issues with them though. None of the speed hooks even feel loose.  I just checked based on your question.
Finally have a taste of the C and J stuff:    
Finally decided to get in on this after lurking for a while.  I have a small (very limited space), but carefully selected collection.
I picked these up from Herring Shoes on a whim. Never had Loake before and the sizing isn't quite right for me.  So before I went to the trouble of international return shipping, I figured I'd see if anyone here was interested.  I only put them on once to try them out.  Carpet floor only. 
No. Trees are seperate.
I'd like to bump this thread.  I've purchased three pairs of boots/shoes in the last year from Herring.  The latest was a clusterf*** because I was wishy-washy and couldn't make up my mind.  The individualized customer service to get me the boots that I should have ordered in the first place, and to accommodate returning the others, has been nothing short of exemplary. 
I've only worn it twice.  Time to clean the closets out. Purchased from a local Burberry store. Original price was over $1600
This is the "blue wave" color?
These are brand new.  I purchased them and they don't work for my foot. I'll ship them anywhere in the US.  Save a little money on a beautiful brand new pair of boots!  I'm going to return them if there are no takers.  Box and bags included.  The color is listed as "pony suede".
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