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Bump.  $190 OBO before I return them
Damn. Wrong size. You're familiar with HerringShoes.uk.co I assume? Lots of options on there.
What size are you? I have some barely worn Church's Ryder III in brown I'm thinking of parting with.
Thanks.  I quite like them. I just wish it was cooler here more often. :)
I've had them for about a year.  I don't wear them all that often as the weather here isn't usually suitable.  I haven't had any issues with them though. None of the speed hooks even feel loose.  I just checked based on your question.
Finally have a taste of the C and J stuff:    
Finally decided to get in on this after lurking for a while.  I have a small (very limited space), but carefully selected collection.
I picked these up from Herring Shoes on a whim. Never had Loake before and the sizing isn't quite right for me.  So before I went to the trouble of international return shipping, I figured I'd see if anyone here was interested.  I only put them on once to try them out.  Carpet floor only. 
No. Trees are seperate.
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