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Please see my ebay ad for photos.
Please see the ebay ad for photos.  Message me if you are interested please.
Damn.  I wish you could too.
Thought I would post in this thread real quick and then post in the "for sale" section early next week when I have a chance to take some photos.   I have one of each of these, lightly used, that I am going to try to sell to make some room on my shoe shelves.  I've discovered...
Thanks, Smartass..... I was asking if there were specific details wanted.
I've got 4 pairs of their shoes and a chelsea boot prototype (it's supposed to go on sale in the fall) coming in a few days.  I know the store and the owners fairly well.  What would you like to know?
Brand New Black Derby for sale:
I have these sitting in my closet. I was determined to have them, and now I'm unsure if they'll get worn or not. It's turning out to be kinda a waste for me, both money and space wise. Free shipping in the US at a nice discount from new prices. I can take photos, but they're exactly the same as on the website. NIB. I'd like to see $300, but will entertain offers.
I just posted these Cobbler Union Chukka if anyone is interested:
I live 10 minutes from their store.  Great shoes, great people.  Free shipping both've got nothing to lose.
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