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RE: Beautiful fit! Hem the pant and jacket length is really a personal taste. The current length is good but can be shortened by 2cm if you Ike. Thanks. Will ask them to hem pants. Jacket length felt a bit long when I wear it, but looks proportional on the picture then maybe I'll just leave it like that.   RE: to me the leg opening is a little small I'm not sure if this can be fixed, will have to ask them.   Thank you all for your suggestions.
Thanks for the comments. I find the sleeve opening just right when I wear french cuffs, only the elbow area is a bit too wide. I bought them from Hong Kong Zegna MTM.
Please help me suggest what to alter for prefect fit, thank you.
5'6 34 chest 32 waist 135 lbs   1. Need to hem the pants. 2. I think jacket sleeves too wide 3. jacket seems a tad long?   Need your comments, Thanks.        
Hi any update regarding my order?
wow, we were already negotiating payments. cant believe you've sold it already. I'm really disappointed.  
13, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30x2, 33 9 x $2 + $6 (shipment to Philippines) = $24. Thanks.
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