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Hi A Tailor, thanks once again for your advice! Really appreciate it. However, I don't really get what you meant by "a tailor that can turn the front edge by hand". Could you elaborate more?   I was thinking of shedding some cloth off the quarters of my jacket (marked in yellow in the picture below) to open up my quarters slightly.   Do you recommend this move in opening up my quarters? Or would you recommend alterations to the other parts of the suit to achieve the...
  Thank you so much for your feedback, a tailor. I made my suit overseas and will not be able to send it back to the tailor for any further alterations.   Hence, I will only be able to send it in to some reputable tailor in my country for alterations. Based on the pictures, do you think there is room for my suit to be further altered for a more open quarter? Read in one of the entries in this forum that changes to the quarters are quite risky due to the location of the...
Hi all,   I just tailored a suit and would like to get some feedback on the fit.   I personally feel that the skirt of the bottom center part of the suit (not sure what that is called) is not spaced apart enough.   Please advise on what kind of changes I can make to my suit to achieve the effect as circled in the picture below.       Thank you all in advance for your valuable feedback and advice!
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