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Thanks. That's the first time I've laughed today.
Totally irrelevant to this thread: their ties aren't black. But at least pictures like this one make me feel better about the Tour-de-France-themed stuff that I've been wearing the past couple of weeks. 
Holy cow! That's giving me flashbacks to fraternity parties that happened more than a few years ago. 
Do you have a reference for that more general interpretation of "khaki?" My Oxford English Dictionary limits the use of the word to a single color. So it seems to say that you can have, for example, khaki chinos but not navy khakis. 
Khaki is a color. "Khakis" are pants that have this color. Chino is a kind of fabric. "Chinos" are pants made from this fabric.   But I think that this distinction is unknown to so many people that the incorrect usage is getting as common as the correct usage.    Maybe I'm too uptight about these sorts of things, but when I hear someone talking about "navy khakis" I cringe. 
Most excellent socks. Mine got lots of wear during the recent America's Cup, of course.  
I say show up wearing one of these   http://uglyshoes.com/category/top-10-ugliest-shoes   to scare people, and then change into the real shoes right before the ceremony.   One of my wife's friends did a similar thing at our wedding, although not as extreme.  
A while ago, while shopping for some clothes on the J. Crew web for my college-aged sons, I noticed that they sold a suit made from Oxford cloth. Probably intrigued by the possibility of such a suit, I bought one for myself, probably thinking that such a more casual suit might be a good way to introduce my sons to suits. (I often try to get them interested in wearng something by wearing one of my one, a tactic that has worked fairly well over the years.) Over the next...
If you're referring to the green shoes, they're made by Antonio Mauritzi and I picked them up at the Palo Alto Neiman Marcus. On a very, very deep discount.  When it comes to colorful shoes that I might need for wearing on days like St. Patrick's Day, I've found that you can find shoes from both Antonio Mauritzi and Donald Pliner that work perfectly. I'm not convinced that either the AM or DP shoes are worth anything close to their list price, but if you can get a good...
Not-so-subtle hints of green. Not visible: hideously-green shirt, SPD-themed PS and tie, which are also nowhere close to subtle. 
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