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It's that time of year again - when the red and green Neumoks get worn for pretty much the whole month.
I think that theI think that the lesson to be learned from your experience is that you simply don't have the same level of protection when you use PayPal that you get when you use your credit card. I once had a vendor intentionally send me a wrong size because he was out of the size that I had ordered. Because I paid with PayPal I ended up having to pay for the return shipping, which is absolute BS when someone intentionally sends you a wrong item.
I just ordered one of these. If the quality of their products is as good as their customer service, this could become my go-to place for pocket squares. Not that I really need any more, of course, having over 100 now, but you never know when you'll see one that you somehow decide that you really need to buy.  
Just checking to see if anyone has any experience with these guys: Pochette Square, a French company that seems to sell some interesting squares.    http://www.pochette-square.com/en/   I hadn't heard of them before and if I didn't have a $1600 repair on my car to pay off this month, I'd be sending some euros their way.    Any experiences with these guys?
Thanks. That's the first time I've laughed today.
Totally irrelevant to this thread: their ties aren't black. But at least pictures like this one make me feel better about the Tour-de-France-themed stuff that I've been wearing the past couple of weeks. 
Holy cow! That's giving me flashbacks to fraternity parties that happened more than a few years ago. 
Do you have a reference for that more general interpretation of "khaki?" My Oxford English Dictionary limits the use of the word to a single color. So it seems to say that you can have, for example, khaki chinos but not navy khakis. 
Khaki is a color. "Khakis" are pants that have this color. Chino is a kind of fabric. "Chinos" are pants made from this fabric.   But I think that this distinction is unknown to so many people that the incorrect usage is getting as common as the correct usage.    Maybe I'm too uptight about these sorts of things, but when I hear someone talking about "navy khakis" I cringe. 
Most excellent socks. Mine got lots of wear during the recent America's Cup, of course.  
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