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Tiziani, thanks. I like your website. It looks so clean and attractive. Do you design it yourself? 
Managing an online business definitely is time consuming, even though it requires very low cost to start up as compared to other kind of business. I run this website ( with my wife. I'm responsible to deal with our suppliers and she helps to choose and go through each of the products she like (jewelry, girls dress and other pretty stuff). I agree with Tiziani on his suggestion to choose web contents that related to your interest. Otherwise, it...
Very helpful reply. I agree that health care is something we should pay attention to. If we have enough cash flow and holding power, we could always consider getting a property if the price is great. :) I'm actually not from US, so investing in a foreign country always possess higher risk.
I'm running my own website since few months ago. Although it is not earning much for now, I've hear people earning money/passive income through some affiliate programs. I'm not from US but I hosted my website with a US company (their servers are physically located at US). I only paid 3 USD per month for hosting services.  
After the technology (including social networking, facebook all those) evolution, what may be the next big business wave which may impact consumers behavior/pattern? Food & Agriculture (it started many years ago) Entertainment/Games Precious Metal/Limited Natural Resources Investment (already happened) Property Investment (recovering after the bubble burst...)  Augmented Reality...
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