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So, now I'm wondering if Torontonions (sp? Torontonians?) would be better off sifting through the B&S, EBay and making yearly trips to the States. I'm from Halifax, and if you think Toronto is bad for menswear.....
I really appreciate all the advice and insight, thank you so much. Good question clarksdb, I'm actually in Etobicoke. A new thrift store recently opened on the Lakeshore near 33rd on the south side which has a lot of menswear stock, though it seems especially good for sweaters. I was disapointed in the shirts and pants and they have nothing for shoes or most accessories. But it's worth checking out. There's another place near 6th on the north side called TNT ( I think)...
Thank you Steezy! I just looked at their website and it looks quite promising, and it's very close to the subway stop there, which is great.
Thanks so much, Syl, that's a massive help to me. I had no idea there was a men's thrift store, I need to check that out.
I moved to Toronto two years ago and have been trying to track down the best shops for thrifting but it's a pretty big city and I rely mainly on public transport, so it can be hard to explore. Can anyone recommend some great shops or neighborhoods for thrifting in Toronto? I've found a small cluster of shops in Kensington Market but I'd love to know what else there is. I've looked for another thread that answers this question but didn't find one, if I've missed it feel...
I moved to Toronto two years ago and find its full of small burroughs with lots of personality. I live in Etobicoke which is an odd mix of Victorian cottages and low income housing. Very odd place but I really like it. The Annex is pretty amazing. I also love Little Italy. I found this thread looking for Toronto thrifting advice, I'm not finding much, should I start a thread?
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