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Who makes RL's italian made shoes? (besides italians...)
I am 6'0'' at 195. I like the jacket (48R), but the low rise on the trousers is a little awkward.
How is the fit compared to a 46 R blue label?
After I did my remodel, I really only wish I had put in a warming shelf under the vent hood.
Quote: Originally Posted by JaPo I'd suggest the Loake Kempton. Cracking boot at a decent price. Loake splits the pundits but the construction on these is top notch. I thoroughly recommend. Would you recommend these over the AE Calhoun for about the same price?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley ^^So there is no dollar limit on the amount you will receive back? Usually it is $2500 per year.
Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo Those are awful. Go for brown rather than black. Also, you can get AE's now at JAB for 25% off with code PFD98 or on Amazon for cheap. Won't be $80 like those ebay ones, but they won't be god awful as them. My favorites are the Park Aves, Clifton, Montgomery, or McClain, depending on what type of style you like. Eyeballing these with that coupon code... Attachment 27144
Quote: Originally Posted by Our_Benefactors So I shave with an electric gilette fusion and edge gel. My face is always smooth and nice right after the shave, but about a day later it gets red among around all my hairs and I usually break out. Any idea why this is? My (bad) solution has been to simply just not shave very often, but this is obviously less than ideal. Same problem here. Once I switched to a safety razor, no more bumps or redness,...
I'm doing WeightWatchers as well. Went from 230 in Jan to 195 in July. No exercising... just all portion control. Love their on-line tracking tools.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn It's more effective. Applying lather to your face with a shaving brush is better because the hairs on the brush will hook and lift up the hairs on your face, the shaving cream holding them in place, just ready to be cut. Better than, say, lathering foam/gel with your hands, which would flatten the hairs against your face, making them more difficult to cut. And the idea is that a shave soap or cream uses water...
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